Enrollment Process for Elementary Endorsement

Enrollment Process and Information for Content Courses for Elementary Endorsement

Step 1

Determine which course(s) you need to enroll in to meet the content requirements of the elementary endorsement. This can be done as a self-assessment process by going through the Elementary Education Endorsement form and identifying previous course work or life experiences that have provided you with content knowledge for the elementary endorsement. The elementary endorsement form provides detailed directions and outlines the content areas for which you must document coursework.

Information sessions can assist you with this determination. If you have any questions, please call the MIT office at 206-296-5759. You may also contact your advisor for assistance.

Current course modules available:

Step 2

Review the following information before beginning any of the courses:

  • The courses are offered as Seattle University continuing education credits. These continuing education credits cannot be transferred into undergraduate or graduate programs. However because we are able to offer them as continuing education credits, the cost is significantly lower than other college credit-- $125 per credit (each course is one credit).
  • These courses are only for elementary education applicants to the Master In Teaching Program at Seattle University (expect to take 30-40 hours to complete each one credit course).
  • The courses are designed for independent learners who do not need ongoing support. Carefully review the syllabus before determining if you are able to meet the course requirements independently. If not, then it is recommended that you enroll in an undergraduate course at a community or four-year college.
    • Please Note: if you elect to complete any outstanding content requirements by enrolling in an undergraduate course at a community or four-year college, the Masters in Teaching Office must receive an email from your advisor approving the course(s) you plan on taking by June 1st of the year you enter into the program. 

Step 3

  • Download and complete the MIT Module Registration Form by June 25th. This needs to be turned into the Professional & Continuing Education Office in Loyola 514 (or by email at professionallearning@seattleu.edu), along with your payment, no later than June 25th of the year you enter into the program (example: A student beginning in Spring or Fall 2017 would need to register by June 25th, 2017). If you are taking more than one course, submit a separate registration form and payment for each. 

Step 4

  • Download the course syllabus and begin the work.
  • This coursework must be completed no later than August 10th of your entry year (post first quarter for the Spring cohort and pre first quarter for the Fall cohort). You are encouraged to complete the courses earlier as often students underestimate the amount of time a particular course will take to complete.

Step 5

  • Submit your completed coursework to the Master in Teaching Office. This can be done in person (College of Education, Loyola Hall, Room 506) or by mail (see address below). Be sure to include a stamped self-addressed envelope (one for each course) for returning the assignments.

Master In Teaching Program
Seattle University
901 12th Ave.
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090