Elementary K-8 Education

Elementary Endorsement

Students seeking an endorsement in elementary education will earn a certificate to teach kindergarten through eighth grade. The state requires content knowledge to teach the Essential Academic Learning Requirements. Seattle University expects applicants to have prior coursework in mathematics, history, geography, civics, economics, physical science, life science and the arts. 

Elementary Endorsement Verification Form

All elementary applicants must complete the endorsement coursework outlined in the Elementary Education Endorsement form. This coursework must be completed prior to starting the MIT program for fall entry. For spring entry, applicants may complete outstanding prerequisites during the summer quarter following their first quarter of classes. All candidates must complete prerequisites by August 10th of the year they begin the program.

Math for Elementary Teachers

All candidates are required to complete a Math for Elementary Teachers course. Applicants have the option to take a competency exam that will exempt them from this requirement. A Math Test Study Guide 2018 is available. If you do not pass the exam you will need to take the coursework at a community college before entering the MIT program. (This coursework often takes two quarters to complete). Seattle University also offers a 4-week Math for Elementary Teachers course during the summer to complete this requirement. 

The math competency exam options for the Fall 2023 cohort are as follows:

All exams will take place on-campus, if you are applying from out of the greater Seattle area and cannot come to campus to take the exam, please email mit@seattleu.edu to let us know about your situation.

This exam is for admitted students who have enrolled in the MIT program. If you must take the exam before receiving an admissions decision from Seattle University, please email mit@seattleu.edu to let us know about your situation.

Elementary Content Modules

In order to aid elementary applicants in fulfilling elementary coursework prerequisites, the MIT faculty has developed one credit modules that applicants may complete in certain designated subject areas.

Middle School Endorsement

Elementary applicants may add a middle school endorsement in humanities, science, and/or mathematics. The requirements for each are listed on the Middle School Endorsement Form Verification Form.