Elementary Endorsement Summer Modules

For admitted Master in Teaching, Elementary Endorsement candidates and EDLS majors only.

Elementary Education endorsement candidates must document coursework completion in the content areas outlined in the Elementary Education Endorsement form.

You will be able to determine which content module(s) you need to enroll in to meet the content requirements of the elementary endorsement by completing the form and receiving feedback from the program. You can send your completed form (and supplementary documents e.g. unofficial transcripts and course syllabi) to mit@seattleu.edu for advising and feedback. 

About the Content Modules

One-credit summer content modules are self-led, self-paced courses made available on Canvas learning platform. The modules (except the Math module) are designed for independent learners who do not need ongoing support. Students should plan to dedicate at least 30-40 hours to each one credit course. 

Course module syllabi may give you a better understanding of the breadth of work required of you. Please email mit@seattleu.edu for a copy of syllabi. 

Students may begin coursework as soon as they received the syllabi. However, registration, payment, and coursework submission are required in order to meet the elementary endorsement content requirement. 

If you need regular support and interaction, please enroll in an undergraduate course at a community or four-year college. 

Please note: if you elect to complete any outstanding content requirements by enrolling in an undergraduate course at a community or four-year college, your course must be pre-approved by the MIT Program before enrolling. Admitted students can request course approval by following the Provisions Advising Form directions, provided in Canvas. 

Module Offerings & Costs

The content modules are offered through the office of Professional and Continuing Education. 

Please note: These continuing education credits cannot be transferred into undergraduate or graduate programs.  

One-credit Modules

Three-credit Modules

2023: $150/credit 2023: $300/credit
  • History
  • Civics
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Math for Elementary Teachers*

*This 3-credit module is a traditional, face-to-face format.

Registering for Summer Content Modules

Admitted students will receive a registration link within the "MIT New Student Application", made available after attending a New Student Advising session. Admitted students please email mit@seattleu.edu for questions about registration. 

Registration application deadline: June 16, 2023. 

Completion of Content Coursework

Module coursework submission due date: August 10th 

Submission of the content module coursework is due on the same day as all Master in Teaching provisions outlined in your Provisions Advising Form. Students are encouraged to submit their work earlier, if possible.