Martinez Fellowship

Martinez Fellowship for Aspiring Teachers of Color

What is the Martinez Fellowship? Martinez Fellowship Flyer

The Martinez Fellowship Program was established by Holli and Edgar Martinez in 2008. It is managed by Network for Edwork, powered by Technology Access Foundation (TAF) and supports Teachers of Color through their graduate level of school , early career coaching, and ongoing professional development. The Martinez Fellowship is dedicated to closing  the achievement gap by improving teacher diversity and the retention of teachers of color in Washington State.

Martinez Fellows are exceptional teachers and leaders in Education. They are committed to the highest standards of professionalism. They strive to excel in the profession of teaching and leadership. Fellows are committed to the success of every student in their classroom. They are passionately committed to Social Justice in Education, and eager to engage in an ongoing collaborative learning community with other Fellows. Lastly, Fellows come from various experiences and communities yet come together around their shared passion for teaching through a multicultural lens and eliminating the achievement/opportunity gap in Washington State’s most underserved schools. 

For more information on the Martinez Fellowship, including eligibility and the support offered to graduate students of color, please visit the Martinez Foundation website.


How do I apply? 

TAF partners with various Washington State college and university programs to source the next cohorts of Martinez Fellows. First, apply and gain acceptance to the Master in Teaching program for fall or spring. Let the program coordinator know that you are interested in the Martinez Fellowship and you will be provided with additional instructions on how to apply.


The application deadline is: May 1st, 2022


Does the Fellowship provide financial support?

Although the Martinez Fellowship does not include funding from the Martinez Foundation, the College of Education will honor Seattle University students who are selected and choose to participate in the fellowship with funding from a College of Education Scholarship, an MIT Program Scholarship, or an SU Graduate Scholarship. Please note that the College of Education is unable to provide any full-ride scholarships. 

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