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The Doctor of Education in Educational and Organizational Learning and Leadership is happy to support a Student Ambassador program to connect prospective students to current students as a resource during the admissions process.  

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Osurè L. Brown

Preferred Name: Osurè (Osh-sure-ray) L. Brown

Hometown: Hilltop Tacoma, WA

Prior Education: BA/BS, Biology, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies; Minor, Psychology MA, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Bio: I am a Black, Japanese, Cherokee, French & Irish multicultural person who doesn’t let others identify who I am because I am one of many, not just one.  I am a unique individual that loves to research the world and when in doubt goes left. I am a laid-back person who is always observing and seeing how the world changes because I like to stay informed. I am a person who will go out of my way to help others expecting nothing in return because I understand both the joy/relief of a helpful person and the frustration/despair of having to do things yourself when you need a hand or direction.  I will always go above and beyond because I like to do things differently.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. I am an optimistic person who wants to help others achieve their dreams and passions so they can make the world a better place.

What excites you about being a student in the EOLL Doctoral Program? Working with my fellow peers is the most exciting thing about the EOLL Doctoral Program. The diversity of experience and knowledge is a treasure-trove that I get to enjoy every quarter. Working with my peers allows me to expand my ideas and perceptions while challenging my viewpoints and assumptions. It is a great learning experience and I enjoy working with and coming to class with my peers. They make the work for an Ed.D. worth it.

Why did you choose Seattle U’s EOLL Program? I like working with people to accomplish goals, tasks, and problems. In my professional career collaborating with others is a must which is why Seattle University’s program caught my eye. I wanted to have the option of working with other students on a research project while learning from world-class faculty. This is the driving force behind my decision to attend Seattle University.

Osurè L. Brown Headshot

Marjan Didra

Preferred name: Marjan Didra

Hometown: Renton, WA

Prior Education: MA, Policy Studies

Bio: Marjan is from Iran and emigrated to Washington State in 2009, having lived in the Philippines and Turkey. Shortly after her move, Marjan started a photo booth company which enabled her to learn about the PNW culture while providing photography services. In her free time, Marjan began volunteering for local and national organizations such as Women for Women International, World Relief, and Homelessness Advocacy. These early experiences and community involvement created a pathway for her true calling: "public service!" Marjan has continued her mission to serve at the federal level and is now working with our WA state servicemembers, veterans, and their families to ensure they access their earned benefits.

What excites you about being a student in the EOLL Doctoral Program?

Being a student in EOLL Doctoral program has been a fantastic journey as it has challenged my perspectives allowing for divergent thinking. The ability to synthesize the organizational and leadership materials and concepts provided me with an immense amount of knowledge necessary to understand the organizational development process. Additionally, the program’s emphasis on scholarly practice has enabled me to reflect on how scholarly materials apply to our global world.

Why did you choose Seattle U’s EOLL Program?

I chose Seattle U’s EOLL Program based on its diversity of representation and theory-based application. Additionally, the program embodies the notion of social justice at every level, which enables me to be mindful of my role in the community and across organizational sectors.

Marjan Didra Headshot

Casie J. Dimsey

Preferred name: Casie J. Dimsey

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Prior Education: BA Psychology, Wesley College; MA Psychology (Neuroscience), Washington College; Principal Certification, Seattle University

Bio: Hello! My name is Casie Dimsey and I am currently a Doctoral candidate in the EOLL program here at Seattle University and a member of the Tri-Alpha Honor Society. I started my journey at SU in 2019 as an aspiring leader in the EDAD principal certificate program, prior to moving into the Ed.D. pathway. I am in my final year of the program and working towards completing my dissertation by Spring of 2023. As a seasoned educator with over 18 years of experience, I currently hold the position of Assistant Principal in Seattle Public Schools.  Within that time span, in education, I have held various positions including teaching college level psychology courses, educating students as a teacher and interventionist in grades K-5, supporting students and educators as a guidance counselor and academic specialist, and holding leadership positions in a vast number of committees.

As a current leader in my field, I am constantly looking to build my knowledge base and grow as an individual. I believe that being in the leadership role or being a leader has aided me in developing a deeper understanding of who I am as a person and the impact that can be made in the sphere around me. My philosophy encompasses the notion that with each person one leads in partnership, they in turn can lead forward, thus creating a cycle of empowerment. It is within this mindset of continual learning and shared leadership that I aspire to create an empowering environment that will support innovation, shared decision making, and a culture that is focused on student learning and uplifting marginalized voices, while fostering strong identities. It is also a passion and future goal of mine to step into a role of mentorship, coaching, and helping others find their voice through a collaborative means by encompassing feedback cycles of growth with our future generations, while at the same time inspiring talent development for upcoming and rising leaders.

Outside of my career and learning, I enjoy spending quality time with my family. We love to travel anytime we get a chance and try new cuisines along the way.

What excites you about being a student in the EOLL Doctoral Program? Being a student in the EOLL Doctoral program has been a meaningful and humbling experience.  What has excited me most about this program is the deep connections and collaborative experiences that I have been able to share with my cohort and professors.  In the EOLL program, I have been able to explore how my own identity and experiences have played a role in my own leadership development, while integrating the ways growth can be facilitated effectively through a collaborative approach centered in reflective practices.

Why did you choose Seattle U’s EOLL Program? I chose Seattle University’s EOLL program based on its strong principles and values around social justice and educating the whole person.  I wanted a program that aligned with my own personal values that centered humanity at its core. Additionally, I also chose SU for its cohort model, small class sizes, and rigorous program that would prepare me for my future endeavors while building networks that will last a lifetime.

Casie J. Dimsey Headshot

Haripurkh Khalsa

Preferred name: Haripurkh Khalsa (She/Her)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Prior Education: BA Journalism & Communications, University of Oregon; MA Communication & Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University

Bio: Haripurkh is a strategist and operator driven to advance societal wellbeing and address global challenges through the development of conscious capitalism at scale, cross sector innovation, and stakeholder-centric solutions. As an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, she brings 20 years of experience building strategy and programs at the intersections of social impact innovation, digital transformation, product and services development, go-to-market strategy, and marketing communications across a dozen industries. Currently, Haripurkh is a Strategy Director for Social Impact at Futerra, a global change agency.

What excited you about being a student in the EOLL Doctoral Program?

What excites me the most about being a student in the EOLL program is the cohort model that incorporates a breadth of professional sectors, the focus on social justice and community-led solutions, and the opportunity to grow, learn, and apply research-based practices in real-time.

Why did you choose Seattle U’s EOLL Program?

I chose the EOLL program because of the emphasis on transformative social change, practitioner-scholarship and applied research, and the flexibility to complete the degree while working full time.

Haripurkh Khalsa Headshot

Shawna Freeman Lane

Preferred name: Shawna Freeman Lane 

Hometown: San Francisco, CA 

Prior Education: Master of Business Administration from Augusta State University; Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Journalism), Minor in Spanish from Augusta State University 

Bio: Shawna Freeman Lane is the interim associate dean for student learning and success at Highline College. Prior to her current role, Shawna served as a tenured faculty member and the department coordinator for the Highline College Business department. She earned a bachelor’s degree (BA) in Communications Journalism in 2011 and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from Augusta State University in 2013. In her free time, Shawna enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her husband, Eric, their daughters, Mary Sophia, and Kennedy and newborn son, James. 

What excites you about being a student in the EOLL Doctoral Program? The most appealing and exciting aspect of being a student in the EOLL Doctoral Program is being able to consistently apply what I am learning to my current work. The value I have received already as a student only excites me more for what I will continue to learn from the program, as I know the tools and strategies I hone will be used by me as a leader for the rest of my life. 

Why did you choose Seattle U’s EOLL Program? I chose the EOLL program because it appeared to offer a hands-on program that would allow me to continue my career in the field, while also helping me learn how to use the experience I have accumulated to become a better leader (with a social justice emphasis) in higher education. 

Shawna Freeman Lane Headshot

La Monte B. Marshall, Sr.

Preferred Name: La Monte B. Marshall, Sr. 

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Prior Education: Associate of Arts in Management; Bachelor of Arts in Social Psychology; Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership 

Bio: La Monte is a military veteran with over 20 years of leadership experience in various roles and sectors. During his tenure in the military, he traveled extensively and lived in five continents (excluding North America), which enabled him to become ingratiated with multitudinous cultures. Consequently, those exposures profoundly contributed to honing and refining his leadership skills as well as his personal and professional development. La Monte is an experienced leader and manager with a background in assorted disciplines including, strategic planning and communication, international relations, project management, organizational development, behavior health counseling, and business consulting. He also brings many years of corporate and nonprofit/public service experience to the EOLL Doctoral Program. 

Additionally, he has collaborated with numerous public relations agencies and industry-leaders that are devoted to eradicating social disparities and institutional biases by promoting social justice through direct engagement and activism. Currently, La Monte is a full-time employee with the Department of Defense, an athletic director, and a coach. Furthermore, some of his responsibilities, hobbies, and interests are as follows: parenting, networking, community service, social justice advocacy, volunteering, stewardship, sports, and traveling.

What excites you about being a student in the EOLL Doctoral Program?

I am truly excited about being a part of an entity that is wide-ranging, which has a profound reputation for organizational learning and leadership and creating a pervasive and transformational impact on those associated with the program. One of my main goals is to enhance my theoretical learning and leadership practices through the EOLL Doctoral Program. I am very confident that this program will help prepare me to become the best version of myself as well as be an inspiration to others who may aspire to serve and lead actively. I am also ecstatic to realize that this program can help provide me with the educational tools to potentially help navigate meaningful change in underserved communities by incorporating innovative strategies, building coalitions and alliances, and demonstrating effective teamwork. 

Why did you choose Seattle U’s EOLL Program? I enrolled into Seattle U’s EOLL Doctoral Program for the purposes of maximizing my leadership skills and to help administer positive change in our society that will promote equality and justice for all. Additionally, I chose this doctoral program because it directly pertains to all my years of training, learning, and leading others during my professional career and personal aspirations. As a progressive leadership practitioner-researcher, I take pleasure in knowing that the cohort-based model of the EOLL Doctoral Program provides a unique learning experience that will enable me to gain differing and intuitive insights from fellow members to enhance my academic growth. It also emphasizes the importance of teamwork within organizations and collaborative efforts amongst community members that are required for desired change and shared prosperity. Thus, this program will promote my unwavering passion for experiential learning, future endeavors, and ambitions as an evolving leader by enabling me to gain applicable knowledge that will allow me to accept and exceed domestic and global leadership challenges that exist in our world today and beyond.