Learning Outcomes

  • Students will successfully complete all requirements to earn the Washington English Language Learners Endorsement and will pass the state-mandated examination.
  • Students will demonstrate through observations, program products, and P-12 student growth, the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet and/or exceed the Washington English Language Learners Endorsement Competencies
  • Students will apply research and conceptual tools to analyze curricula, assessments, educational environments, and policy critically for reflective use in their instruction, assessment, curricular design, and work for educational improvement.
  • MA students will demonstrate the ability to assess P-12 students at the intersection of language, literacy, culture, and ability to inform design and delivery of assessments, curriculum, and standards-based instruction that is reflective of their learning in the program, responsive to their P-12 students’ strengths and needs, and productive of student growth. 
  • MA students will demonstrate understanding of meta-cultural, meta-linguistic, and meta-cognitive aspects of development and learning as well as the skills to develop that understanding in their English language learners in order to guide them toward and provide them with conceptual tools for lifelong learning and productive participation in higher education, the workplace, and civic/civil society.

Please note: The Educating Non-Native English Speakers master’s program is currently under consideration for suspension. We will continue to offer an English Language Learners (ELL) endorsement. Please email enes@seattleu.edu with any questions.