ENES Courses

ENES 5110 – Cultural Development of Learners (Fall Quarter)

  • Course Description: This class is based on the assumption that to be truly culturally responsive educators, we need to develop, deepen, and utilize a combination of all our dispositions, knowledge, and skills to enable us to design instruction that facilitates CLD student learning. In this class, we will be exploring and critically examining the roles of cultures, contexts, and other human beings in the development, learning, and language learning of culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) students. We will build our understanding that people's ways of thinking, behaving, and being are deeply influenced by factors such as culture, language, race, and ethnicity. As educators, we will also strengthen both our cultural competency and culturally relevant pedagogical skills. We will ground our work with culturally responsive instruction in constructivist views of learning where CLD students are positioned as capable learners and sense-makers, and where their ways of speaking and thinking are considered resources for further development rather than problems to be remedied. In this approach, we promote critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and the recognition of multiple perspectives.

 ENES 5120 – Understanding English (Winter Quarter)

  • Course Description: In this class, we will be exploring the history, structure, and diversity of American English. We will build a foundation of linguistic and sociolinguistic knowledge and tools to guide English language learner (ELL) students toward increased English proficiency and academic learning. At the same time, we will learn how to equip ELL students with metalinguistic and metacognitive strategies to advance their own bilingualism and biliteracy. We will learn how to analyze authentic oral and written samples from English language learner students and use that information to guide instruction. 

 ENES 5130 – Language, Literacy, and Mind (Spring Quarter) 

  • Course Description: The course examines the intersections of culture, language, literacy, the brain and sociocultural concepts of mind.  You will explore the development of reading and writing processes in individuals across languages, cultures, and cognitive abilities, as well as implications for instruction.

 ENES 5140 – Educating English Language Learners (Spring Quarter)

  • Course Description: Educating English Language Learner (ELL) students is a complex endeavor that is influenced by multiple factors. In this class, we will be exploring these factors at the macro-level (e.g. ELL-focused educational policies and legislature); meso-level (e.g. school environments and programs); and micro-level (e.g. classroom instruction). We will begin to make connections among these different facets of educating ELL students, and examine the key role of social, political, and physical environments in teaching and learning both content and a new language. Finally, we will use this learning in moving towards restructuring our classrooms and schools for linguistic diversity.

 ENES 5150 – Capstone Course (Summer Quarter)

  • Course Description: In this course you will synthesize and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions you have gained throughout the MEd program. You will carry out a collaborative action research project with the goal of contributing to improving and making more equitable the education of culturally and linguistically diverse students.


Please note: The Educating Non-Native English Speakers master’s program has been suspended. We will continue to offer an English Language Learners (ELL) endorsement. Please email enes@seattleu.edu with any questions.