Learning Outcomes

Learning Goals

As a result of successful completion of the Seattle University EDLR Program, graduates are:

  • Ethical leaders in service to their organizations and communities.
  • Reflective leaders who integrate theory and research for effective practice.
  • Competent professional leaders in their chosen fields.
  • Culturally competent leaders in an interdependent world.

Our goal is to educate who are:

  • value centered
  • committed to service and social justice for the common good
  • professional
  • reflective
  • holistic
  • interdisciplinary
  • creative
  • visionary
  • scholarly
  • effective interpersonally and as a leader in organizations 
  • committed to and possessing the conceptual knowledge and skills to lead in diverse communities and in the interdependent world

Student Outcomes

EDLR successful program graduates are able to:

  • Demonstrate ethical standards in all leadership practices.
  • Demonstrate responsiveness to the varying needs of communities and organizations and recognize the strengths of working with diverse populations. 
  • Develop practical leadership skills to build effective team-oriented approaches through collaboration and consensus building.
  • Exhibit leadership behaviors such as: effective strategic thinking, problem solving, reflection and community building.
  • Develop skills for designing, critiquing and implementing relevant research to affect practice, advance social justice, and enact effective change.
  • Create responses to changing community, organizational and group environments and problems.
  • Create appropriate and unique solutions and develop adaptive learning organizations. 
  • Demonstrate oral and written communication competency.