Independent Study

Students who began the program in 2013 or before may choose to pursue an independent study in consultation with his or her advisor.

Independent studies enable individual students to pursue learning activities not supported through regular course work. An independent study may be completed at any point in the degree program.

Plan independent study experiences wisely. Although an independent study may be planned to carry out preliminary work toward preparing a dissertation proposal prior to its defense, such preliminary work also can be carried out on one's own without registering for credit, thus reserving independent study credits for experiences that uniquely add to advancing leadership skills.

If an independent study is planned to carry out preliminary dissertation proposal work, such work may include conducting a literature search, reading and summarizing relevant literature, or framing/writing the literature review. 15 Students must work with a sponsoring faculty member who will provide oversight of the work conducted.

Students are responsible for proposing the scope of work, developing a timeline for completion, and meeting regularly with the sponsoring faculty member. Before developing an independent study, be sure to review your program of study and check with your academic adviser to determine if independent study credit is needed to fulfill degree or enrollment requirements.

All independent studies require manual registration. In order for this to occur, follow these steps:

  • Fill out the following forms:
    • Independent Study Registrar Form (naming form)  
    • Independent Study Guidelines and Doctoral Form   
  • Attach the Doctoral Independent Study form (see Appendix B) and your independent study proposal.
  • Student will collect required signatures for both forms.
  • Once signed, submit forms to the EDLR program office.

The EDLR administrative assistant will route the forms through the College of Education administrative office for approval. Once approved, the forms will be delivered to the Registrar's office for final processing. The Registrar's Office staff will register you for EDLR 6960 once they have received and processed the form.  Please allow sufficient time to complete this process.  For any questions, please contact the program office.

Independent study work can by carried across four quarters. If work is not completed in the quarter in which the student registers for the credit, an "N" grade will be issued. When all work is completed, the sponsoring faculty member will issue a letter grade to replace the "N" grade. See deadlines for removal of "N" grades in this EDLR Student Handbook or consult the current Graduate Catalog.