Governance Committee

Policy and Program Governance

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the Program, Department Chair, and College Leadership and be responsible for:

  • assessing program effectiveness
  • reviewing course offerings
  • recommending program policy and curriculum 
  • recommending and evaluating admission standards
  • recommending approval of concentrations and
  • selecting and approving Thematic Dissertation in Leadership Practice (TDiLP) faculty inquiry supervisors

Governance Committee membership will include: 

  • one lead faculty member from those teaching each of the three major leadership strands
  • one faculty or designated representative from each concentration
  • one faculty member representing Thematic Inquiry Group Supervisors (if not already represented)

The Governance Committee will meet three times per year, once during fall, winter, and spring academic terms.

EDLR Core Faculty Meetings

The EDLR Program will meet twice during each academic year.  The focus of these meetings will be to consider action taken by the EDLR Governance Committee and approved by appropriate individuals or groups and to make recommendations for Governance Committee consideration.  Additional items that will be discussed include: annual class schedules; results of program evaluation efforts; and curricular changes.

Membership at the EDLR Core Faculty Meetings will include program faculty and faculty TDiLP Inquiry Group Supervisors.