EDUC 5000 Intro to Educational Research: Introduction to research skills and literature in students' fields. Includes an orientation to graduate studies.

EDUC 5130 Adult Learning: Survey of the major theories, research, and issues in adult development and learning with the primary focus on how the theories and issues apply to adult learning

EDUC 5200 Social Justice: Provides orientation to theoretical, personal, social and professional components of social justice issues through exploration of literature, investigation of social justice issue, and development of personal philosophical statement

EDAD 5000 – Introduction to Socially Just School Leadership School Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

This course provides the foundation for SU’s vision for socially just leadership for a more humane world. Students will read and use technology extensively to examine the aspects of social justice in educational leadership roles. They will develop a personal philosophy of leadership. Problem-based learning that simulates real world contexts will be used to promote innovative leadership for socially just learning environments.

EDAD 5010 – Leadership to Develop and Sustain Culturally Responsive Learning Communities

Using a variety of literature and technology resources students will explore culturally responsive leadership dispositions, needs, and characteristics. Leadership for equity and excellence for all learners and serving diverse communities well are core values of the leadership program. Today’s children are increasingly more diverse in their cultures, languages, interests and learning styles. Leaders are responsible for creating environments where students are supported and celebrated.

EDAD 5011 – Individual Work Planning to Ensure Quality Leadership Development

This course provides students an opportunity to develop individualized work plans for their internship and specific projects that ensure each student will have a well-rounded experience that emphasizes areas required for quality school leadership in which the student has little background and provides opportunities for new perspectives in areas in which the student has experience. Included will be an online self-assessment to customize the program for your needs include various settings i.e. Catholic Schools.

EDAD 5012 – Team Building and Organizational Development

In this course, students examine comprehensive principles for leadership to develop schools as learning organizations and for the management of personnel and facilities to implement a learning framework for all students and staff that results in student achievement. They explore administrative decisions; management and leadership of human resources; distributive leadership within the learning community; recruitment,

EDAD 5013 – Leadership that Promotes Quality Principles for Teaching and Learning and Data Use

The course teaches prospective leaders the use of data mining and understanding databases for systematic inquiry into school issues including data use for instructional improvement and instructional rounds to promote cycles of inquiry. It includes curriculum develop principles, principles of good pedagogy for various content areas, and how to develop and review assessments and understand uses for and interpretations of standardized assessments.

EDAD 5021 – Supervision for Quality Teaching and Learning for All

In this course, students examine the adaptive work that orients leaders in their supervisory roles to support ongoing growth for effective teaching and quality student learning. Students learn clinical supervision, coaching, and mentoring, and develop the knowledge and skills to provide an environment for effective instruction through collaboration, observation, data and instructional analysis, feedback, and evaluation of instruction. Strategies for supervision include walk-throughs and critical friend techniques and local practices that promote growth. All students engage in simulated and authentic supervision of classroom practice through a variety of techniques and receive feedback on their responses.

EDAD 5022 – Supervision for Quality Teaching and Learning for All (second course in sequence)

EDAD 5031 – Proseminar, year-long

The program focus is on equity, social justice, and the formation of leadership identity.  It supports instructional leadership skill development in working collegially with teachers, parents, students, and the community to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Students develop skills and a vision for culturally responsive leadership and for ensuring equitable, safe schooling environments. They also learn to understand and lead change when appropriate and engage in school renewal processes for ongoing healthy school settings.  Students will develop skills to define and analyze root causes of conflicts and challenges and create solutions in diverse situations. Research indicates that school leaders need and seek regular, ongoing opportunities to reflect with colleagues on the challenges of leadership, emphasizing that this type of ongoing collegial reflection helps renew efforts to exercise quality leadership, avoid burnout, and renew themselves. The Proseminar creates a community of colleagues to support continuing this type of interaction on the job in a variety of possible leadership roles.

EDAD 5041 – Internship, year-long

This year-long course (fall, winter, spring quarters) provides students with significant experiential learning to advance their reflective practice as defined in the Year Planning session. The course is designed for students to gain skills and dispositions, and to demonstrate action consistent with principles of effective school leadership aligned with Seattle University’s College of Education’s mission and vision to advance socially just leadership practices. To ensure students have an in-depth leadership development experience the internship will include various school leadership roles and settings. The internship is planned, guided, refined, and evaluated cooperatively by the student, university faculty, P-12, and community mentors who will support student learning in multiple dimensions. Students will become familiar with the multiple responsibilities of school leadership and understand the various roles required to provide quality schooling experiences for all.

EDAD 5023 – Supervision for Quality Teaching and Learning for All (third course in sequence)

EDAD 5032 – Proseminar, year-long

EDAD 5042 – Internship, year-long

EDAD 5033 – Proseminar, year-long

EDAD 5043 – Internship, year-long

EDAD 5014 – Leadership for Equitable Fiscal Management to Advance Quality Learning for All Learners

This course addresses school system finance structures, school budget development, allocation, and facilities management, and fund raising including grant writing and community outreach.  Case studies of budget processes and decision-making simulations related to budgeting provide authentic practice for future work in financial aspects of school leadership focused on providing a quality learning environment for all. The course serves as an examination of federal and state school policies related to financial management so that school leaders can develop skills to implement and address issues that impact the operation of the school and/or system. The course also provides experience in school(s) where students learn how local school polices for formed to align with state and national policy.

EDAD 5015 – School Leadership for Adult Learning and Professional Development

Principles of adult learning will be explored from multiple perspectives including developmental, motivation, and work-place factors. Participants will learn to promote, facilitate, and support adults as learners to enable all school personnel to work toward improved learning for all students and renew their own skills in constantly changing educational contexts.

EDAD 5016 – Community Engaged Leadership for Excellence and Sustainability

In this course, students examine the political, social, and economic factors that influence the school's relationship with various community agencies and constituencies. Students learn skills to engage with various communities, build a school community where attention to social justice, equity, and student achievement and safety is the norm. Students will learn when and how to initiate change processes and conflict resolution; communicate with parents and community; and involve stakeholders in developing school-wide improvement plans.

EDAD 5017 – Leadership to Ensure Ethical Practice

This course explores the ethical dimensions of leadership behavior and practice, and organizational decision-making. Students examine various ethical dilemmas and conflicts that educational leaders confront and apply ethical frameworks to resolve those dilemmas. Students read, discuss, analyze, and apply the frameworks surrounding ethical leadership and decision making to have the knowledge and skills to create a school culture and vision grounded in ethical principles.

EDAD 5018 – Understanding and Implementing School Law and Policy

The course serves as an examination of federal and state school law for educational leaders to develop the skills to implement and address legal issues that impact the operation of schools in various settings. The course also provides experience in school(s) where students learn how local school polices are formed to align with their umbrella organization, state and national policies.