Degree Requirements

Students may earn a Master of Education (MEd) degree with a Principal or Program Administrator certification (46 credits) or a Post-Master's Certificate with Principal or Program Administrator certification (37 credits).

Degree Options

  • MEd with Program Administrator Specialization
  • MEd with Principal Specialization

Post-Master's Certificate Options


The program in Educational Administration offers two specializations (Principal and Program Administrator) to meet the needs of instructional leaders in K-12 schools. Designed for part-time students who are working adults, this program attracts aspiring administrators who are passionate about making a difference—who see themselves as leaders of other professionals in pursuit of excellence for students, staff, and schools. This program leads to either a Washington State principal certificate or program administrator certificate.

Our curriculum meets the Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards, supporting the school reform efforts in which schools are engaged.

Field Experience

Students will commit to extensive field work with agreement from the district (or in the case of independent schools, the school) in which they work to ensure quality field experiences that result in a well-prepared school leader. Internships will include opportunities for experiences broader than the school where the student is working and students must commit to time working in other environments with a variety of leaders. The participating district (or independent school) will sign a partnership agreement identifying their roles and responsibilities.