Sprouting Simple Change with Farmer Frog

Farmer Frog Hungarian refugee and US immigrant, Zsofia Pasztor, has planted seeds her whole life. Her passion for growing has resulted in thirteen edible school gardens and five farms throughout Western Washington. As the executive director and co-founder of Farmer Frog, she believes that a seed will grow if we plant it. Farmer Frog is all about Sprouting Simple Change and understanding that when children and families grow food for themselves, they sow the seeds of positive living. Farmer Frog cultivates programs, school gardens, and hands-on learning to nurture communities. Children will grow in school gardens if they are given the space and freedom to be let in.  For over a decade, Farmer Frog has been successfully engaging kids with a focus on edible gardens within a farm setting. Learning through experimentation with garden layouts, programming, schedules, and various teaching methods. As Farmer Frog is looking at the future, even with the long pause from the pandemic, they have been able to restructure their work and programs to fit the needs of students every day. In partnering with Farmer Frog, CSTL works to understand the impact on community through research based food initiatives.


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