CSTL Project Highlights

SEED Project 

CSTL is excited to be working with the Social Entrepreneurship & Educational Development (SEED) Incubator Program is a consortium made up of Seattle University, Modest Family Solutions, Black Brilliance Research Project, and Snohomish County Workforce Development Board. SEED is taking the challenge of transforming community members from subsistence to industrialists in agribusiness by creating an applied research center housed in the Center for Social Transformation and Leadership. Grounded in a participatory approach, SEED will create an agricultural supply chain incubator to provide program support for entrepreneurial and small business growth, focusing on traditionally marginalized populations within a four-county region neighboring Seattle University. SEED supports participants at various personal and professional development stages and broadens their awareness of potential social enterprise and educational career opportunities, both in agricultural industry and academia.

Synder Project  – Creating Educational Opportunities for Catholic Leaders

Graciously funded by the Snyder Foundation, The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership is working with the Office of Catholic Schools from the Archdiocese of Seattle to focus on how best to co-create opportunities for school teachers to strengthen Catholic mission and identity across the system focused on grade level religion standards. This project is developing year-long formation experiences for school leaders and teachers available to OCS schools in a virtual format.

Modest Family Solutions 

Modest Family Solutions is an organization that is working to create a more just and equitable food system. This BIPOC-led nonprofit provides produce to families and communities in need across western Washington sourcing products from local growers, with an emphasis on supporting and building a BIPOC food value chain.

As a Social Enterprise Food Supply Chain, Modest Family Solutions empowers sustainable community excellence. They have several partnerships including Pacific NorthWest BIPOC Food System Network, Black Farmer Collective, Agrarian Trust, FareStart, Skyway Urban Food System, Washington State University, 4-H, Cascadia Produce, and Seattle University to name a few.

Currently, Modest Family Solutions is collaborating with the Center for Social Transformation and Leadership Seattle University is to offer the SEED : Social Entrepreneur Education Development program creating economic development opportunities in Agroecology: an applied science that envelopes agriculture, environment, and ecology while closing the loop.

This program is uniquely positioned to grow and procure culturally appropriate produce from hyperlocal underrepresented Farmers and Halal Butchers. This BIPOC supply chain provides access to food for Washington State Department of Agriculture Emergency Food boxes, Food Pantry, & Food Banks within food-insecure communities. .

In addition, Modest Family Solutions Zero Waste programs recover the 17% of unsold food waste in Washington by upcycling into:

* Free community meals prepared by local Chefs

* Reclaiming organic waste into compost used to create fertilizer

* Making hydroponic composting teas for year-round indoor farming in the Pacific Northwest.

The Center for Social Transformation and Leadership is excited to part with them in their food justice initiatives.