Candidacy and Graduation

For the first 15 credits in the program, students are pre-candidates. Upon completion of 15 credit hours in the program, students should meet with their adviser to develop a AEDT Candidacy Form 2016. This form becomes the written agreement stipulating degree requirements. It identifies which courses will be taken (including electives and transfer credits), when the Comprehensive Examination will be taken, and which degree (MA or MEd) will be earned. The Candidacy Form is the checklist for degree completion.

To be eligible for Candidacy, students must have completed 15 hours of course work (including EDUC 5000, Introduction to Educational Research), and maintained a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. The program adviser must recommend the student for Candidacy. At this time, the individual student’s performance to date, including grade point average, class performance, and other issues that may arise will be reviewed.

The review shall be based on factors which provide evidence that the student will be successful in the remainder of his or her program, including the Comprehensive Examination, and that the student has the capacity to be successful in the field of adult education. A student not recommended for Candidacy shall be either dismissed from the program or placed on probation.

Issues arising from Candidacy status are governed by Seattle University’s Fair Process Policy. Additional details are available in the AEDT Student Handbook.