Student Resources

Important Resources for Current AEDT Students


We encourage you to make an advising appointment before you begin your program and before you register for any classes. Initial advising appointments may be conducted over the telephone or in person at the student’s preference. Students should also make advising appointments to develop a course of study, to confirm Candidacy, and to arrange for the Internship, Graduate Project, and/or Independent Study. Students who wish to make changes in their course of study should also consult with their adviser.

If you are newly admitted and cannot reach an adviser (this happens most often between summer and fall terms), please contact the Associate Dean in the College of Education at 206-296-2687.  He can help you with scheduling problems and initial registration. We recommend new students enroll in EDUC 5200, Social Justice in Professional Practice, or EDUC 5000, Introduction to Educational Research, as their first course. If you wish to enroll in more than one class your first quarter, we also recommend EDUC 5150, Multicultural Perspectives, and/or EDUC 5130, Adult Learning. In Fall Quarter, we suggest AEDT 5620, Foundations of Adult Education.