An internship is an optional component of the Master's Degree program in Adult Education and Training. It is designed to provide a practical work-experience component in your professional preparation. If you choose to do an internship, it should be included in the last third of your program, after you have completed at least 30 credit hours of your degree work. You should register for AEDT 5660 and use this course to fulfill one of your elective course requirements.

The AEDT-TESOL Internship Handbook is available from your Adviser, the program office, or online under "Student Resources," and provides a detailed description of the requirements associated with the completion of the internship. Finding a site can take 8-10 weeks of lead time.

During the summer, it can be particularly difficult to access the faculty and administration of community colleges because of vacations. No hours may be accrued toward the internship prior to approval of your work plan by both the site supervisor and your faculty Adviser at Seattle University.