Literacy for Diverse Learners Program

Mary C. Pirrung Endowed Scholarship


Mary C. Pirrung founded the graduate reading program in the Seattle University College of Education. While at Seattle University, Professor Pirrung mentored many preservice and experienced teachers. Her influence on literacy education has been perpetuated by the annual awarding of the Mary C. Pirrung Scholarship.

The Mary C. Pirrung Scholarship was established in the will of Professor Pirrung after her death in 1985 to provide support for teacher education students in either bachelor's or master's degrees. Preference for a student who is interested in reading and literacy. Alumni and friends of Mary Pirrung also contribute to this scholarship fund. The scholarship of approximately $1000 is awarded annually to a superior graduate student in the Literacy for Diverse Learners master's degree program who manifests the commitment to excellent literacy education exhibited by Professor Pirrung for over 30 years.

Amount Awarded: $1,000 – $1,200

Duration: One year

Application Deadline: Please check back.


Students in the Literacy for Diverse Learners master's program are eligible to apply if they have completed at least:

  • 15 graduate credits at Seattle University with a 3.7 grade point average.
  • One graduate literacy course at Seattle University.

The student selected will exhibit a commitment to excellent literacy education. The award is granted by a committee of program faculty.

Application Procedure

Application information is sent each spring to LITC candidates, and the award is granted by a committee of program faculty. Applications must be received by the date published to LITC students each year. The scholarship applies to coursework taken during the following academic year (summer, fall, winter, spring).

Selection Committee

Director of Literacy
Two faculty members, Department of Teaching and Learning

Email Completed Applications to:

Dr. Bob Hughes
Associate Dean