Why I chose Seattle University for graduate school

Posted by Meredith Richards (SPSY) on Monday, March 27, 2017 at 11:43 AM PDT

One of the greatest challenges presented to me this year was not the rigorous interview process for my School Psychology internship, it was not the multiple essays due for my classes, but it was the birth of my daughter. I was anxious about this life moment; I wondered how I would be supported by my professors, and how would I be assisted by my internship and encouraged by Seattle University.

I chose Seattle University for a number of reasons—one being how this university supports graduate students who work and have a family. As a new mom and graduate student I was overwhelmingly surprised about the advocacy I received from faculty in the College of Education. I was astonished by the accommodations from Seattle University. Possibly other universities act similarly, but I was heartened by the encouragement I received from faculty. The extensions on my assignments were extremely important for me during this sleep-deprived amazing life event. When my internship began in the fall, I felt nervous how I was going to succeed as an intern and as a mom. I felt welcomed as my internship supervisor connected me with other new mothers in the building and helped me find contacts to discuss the work-life balance. There is no one thing that can prepare you for motherhood, however Seattle University assisted with a valuable education, introduced me to a network of educational professional, and continues to encourage life outside of work. 

- Meredith Richards (SPSY)