Dean’s Advisory Council

The College of Education Dean’s Advisory Council consists of alumni and friends who represent the education community and advise and support the Dean regarding the College’s strategic plan. This group also communicates directly with the Dean about the needs of students, families, teachers, administrators, organizations and companies in this region, nationally, and internationally. 

Council members foster closer ties between the SU College of Education and organizations and individuals who care about the future of education. The Council offers strategic advice to the Dean with a focus on building awareness, meeting community needs, and attracting resources to the College. The Dean's Advisory Council meets quarterly to advise our Dean on planning, marketing and fundraising. 

We are grateful for the contributions of our advisors:

  • Maureen Benoliel, Community Volunteer, 2005

  • Margie Borgert, Community Volunteers, 2006

  • Suzie Burke, Owner, Fremont Dock Company, 2009

  • Marlene Fuson, Community Volunteer, 2014

  • Mark Hofer, Educational Consultant, 2016

  • Patrick Kennedy, Project Manager, 2018

  • Justyna Plichta King, Associate Principal, 2018

  • Bernadette Merikle, Senior Director, 2016

  • Nadia Mirandanavas, Spanish Teacher, 2016

  • Stacie Craves Moore, Psychologist, 2014

  • Jenifer Fitterer Schultz, Psychologist, 2019

  • Kayley Runstad Swan, Learning Specialist, 2018

  • Renee Willette, Assistant Vice Principal, 2016

Honorary Members

  • Chris Clements, Retail Help Content Strategist,, 2005

  • Bill Borgert, Community Volunteer, 2006

  • Melore Nielsen, SU Dean of Admissions, 2014


  • Paulette Kidder, Interim Dean

  • Beverley Silver, Educator Career Services

  • Meghan McNeil, Director of Marketing

  • Peggy Fine, Director of Development