Archived COE Update: 4.15

  •  April 2015 

    Dean's Doings

    Spring was such a welcome set of sensory delights – and like the trees and flowers brought with it a sense of renewed energy!

    With the shifting timelines in the university budgeting process this year, I was involved in many more meetings these past weeks regarding budget projections and new models for future years, the need to focus our energy on increasing enrollment and retaining students, and continuing to support our early success in development/Capital Campaign initiatives. The downside of the university’s budget news was the President’s announcement of an across-the-board salary freeze this year (with the exception of the University fulfilling its final commitment to completing the market equity initiative for staff). I remain optimistic that the COE has the potential to grow based on continued strong application pools across most programs.  

    I was excited to participate in the development of an AmeriCorps grant application this past month – the hope is to secure an additional full-time Corps member to support the work of Middle College High School.  

    The college is collaborating with the School of Ministry and Theology on a foundation grant that will provide professional development to Catholic School teachers with the goal of improving their teaching of religious studies.

    I used some of my spring break to prepare for an AERA symposium on formative assessment and was thrilled to receive IRB approval from the Seattle Public Schools to initiate a research project on formative assessment within Bailey Gatzert this month! I look forward to getting back into classrooms for a bit in May.

    We hosted and participated in several community-based partner meetings including:

    • Hosting and participating in a PESB expert panel regarding quality design indicators for teacher education 
    • Discussing in-service and pre-service programs with Antioch University and the Seattle Public Schools 
    • Meeting with Global Visionaries, a non-profit dedicated to curriculum and instruction promoting democratic classroom practices

    A highlight of the last month: Graduate Admission’s request that I officially welcome new graduate students to Seattle University – I was excited to meet students entering programs in the COE as well as across campus! 


    News and Updates

    Endowed Chair Call for Applications 

    The College of Education’s search committee is accepting applications through April 30, 2015, from individuals who are interested in the Boeing – William M. Allen Endowed Chair position for AY15-16. Faculty are urged to send the attached Call for Applications  to any professional contacts who might be interested. Questions should be directed to Ashli Tyre and Arie Greenleaf, who are serving on the search committee, or to Associate Dean Bob Hughes.

    Save the Date! 

    Please mark your calendars for June 10 from 4 – 6 p.m. for the COE End-of-the-Year Celebration in the Boeing Room (Room 122), in Lemieux Library. This will be a time of recognizing our colleagues’ achievements and saying goodbye to those who are retiring this year.

    SDA Students Win National Competition 

    Kudos to first year SDA students Caroline Bubbers and Rachel Betron, and second year SDA student Melissa Keightley who won first place in the 2015 NASPA Graduate Student Case Study Competition in New Orleans last month. The team competed against eight other teams from various colleges and universities around the nation. The Seattle University graduate students, also known as team Mockingjays, had less than 72 hours to complete a 15-minute presentation addressing a Title IX case, “Going Too Far,” in which an sophomore student athlete is sexually assaulted by a faculty member after an evening of drinking together. Caroline, Rachel and Melissa were commended by the judges for their use of handouts, relevant NCAA policies, higher education law, and theory-to-practice, as well as the best practice model they developed to guide their response to the crisis at hand. Jeremy Stringer supports and coaches the SDA team.

    Teams from Seattle University's SDA program have done well in case study competitions sponsored by international professional associations. This is the second team to come in first place in NASPA's Graduate Student Case Study Competition, and a team of SDA students came in second place in NASPA's New Professionals Case Study Competition category three years ago. SDA students have also previously won ACPA's and NODA's graduate student case study competitions.  

    From Associate Dean Bob Hughes 

    The college is providing two funding sources to support scholarship for tenured and tenure-track faculty:

    1. The Emerging Scholarship Fund

     All tenured or tenure-track faculty in the College of Education are invited to apply for funding to support their ongoing scholarship during the spring term. As we approach the end of the academic year, the college has had some cost savings in its budget that allow us to offer an opportunity for faculty to receive one-time funding in two categories:

    • Allocations of funding for one time-expenses (e.g., purchase of software, payment to a consultant to support analysis, payment of gift cards for study participants, travel, etc.) that must be made in spring, 2015 term.  
    • Allocations to hire a graduate research assistant for the spring, 2015 term only. 
    Applications are due April 15. For more information, contact Associate Dean Bob Hughes

    2. Summer Research Fellowship

    This opportunity, which will be announced later this month, is intended for work to be completed in summer 2015. Look for an announcement from the associate dean on parameters and due date.

    From Assistant Dean Brendon Taga 

    In March we continued to advance our work on developing and executing marketing and communications strategies, planning for emergencies, and responding to changes in teacher preparation regulations.

    Our team has been at the forefront among SU graduate programs in collaborating with Graduate Admissions. Karen, Elizabeth, and I met with Graduate Admissions Director Janet Shandley and Admissions Counselor Troy Sterk to integrate our two unique communications plans. Both teams will work to ensure that the unified communications plan meets marketing industry standards, but perhaps most importantly, is tailored to the individual needs of our students and programs. We are also taking the lead on exploring the utility and potential of TargetX, the university’s adopted strategic enrollment platform. Finally, we are directing university admissions resources to meet the needs of the College; at our request, Graduate Admissions will be hosting a table at Joint Base Lewis-McChord’s Transition Assistance Program Job Fair, which is a required fair for hundreds of soldiers who are leaving the service. Elizabeth will be attending on behalf of the College, along with two admissions staff members and SU’s Veterans Navigator, Jaime Yslas.

    The College is also taking the lead at the university level on crafting integrated emergency response and business continuity plans. A Loyola Hall emergency planning and response team has been coordinated, including the following members: me, Building Marshals Casey Hicks and Karen Smaalders, Eddie Salazar (Jesuit Mission & Identity), Cindy Nash and Kristina McCormick (Middle College High School), and Kim Feeley (Disability Services). Having one integrated emergency response plan for the building will heighten our awareness and be able to respond in a coordinated fashion. The team is looking at such issues are building integrity and security, risk assessment, disability evacuation issues, and crafting an emergency communication plan.

    There have also been a few significant decisions by the Professional Educator Standards Board’s (PESB) that impact teacher education. Some of these include changes to West-B and West-E deadlines for student candidates, new competencies for ELL, social studies, history, and science endorsements. Chris and I will work with MIT faculty to respond to these regulatory changes. If you are not a faculty member in the MIT program, but are interested in receiving detailed updates, please email me

    Marketing Updates   

     March was a busy news month at Loyola Hall:

    • Disability Service’s Alternative Media Coordinator, Kiana Parker organized a second demonstration of accessibility of the Pioneer Square area, this time with Scott Kubly, Director of the City of Seattle’s Department of Transportation.  KOMO News (Channel 4) did a story on the March 6 eventKiana was also featured in this week’s The Commons: “Powerful Story: SU staff collaborate to enhance local man’s mobility.” With the help of colleagues at SU she repaired and donated her unused power wheelchair to Keith Lewis, a disabled man she met during the first accessibility tour with Seattle City Council member Tom Rasmussen in November.

    • Sam Song was interviewed on KING 5 TV about the trouble that teens can get into using social media to bully others. The story aired on March 13.

    • Bob Hughes was interviewed by KING 5 TV about the revised GED exam in Washington state. Listen to the story, which aired March 25. 

    Upcoming Recruitment Events

    We continue to look into more ways to reach out to potential students. Please share your ideas for events or activities with us at College faculty and/or staff will be attending the following events in the next month:

    MIT Info Session
    • Wednesday, April 15 from 1 – 2 p.m. 
    • Loyola 200 
    Graduate Admissions Open House
    • Monday, April 20 from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. 
    • Student Center 

    AEDT Networking Happy Hour
    • Saturday, April 25 from 4 – 5:30 p.m. 
    • Casey Atrium 

    Washington Educator Career Fair
    • April 23 
    • Tacoma Dome 

    Career and Education Fair for Transitioning Service Members
    • April 30 
    • Joint Base Lewis – McCord  

    Spring COE Open House 
    • Friday, May 8 from 6 – 7:30 p.m.  
    • Loyola 301/302 

    Serving Money to Serving Life: A Sacred Story for Our Time 

    You are invited to attend a Seattle University Earth Day event with David Korten from 7 – 8:30 p.m. in Pigott Auditorium on April 22. David Korten, best-selling author and former Harvard business professor, joins Seattle University on Earth Day to talk about the concepts in his latest book, Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth. Korten notes that human societies are shaped far more than we commonly recognize by the sacred stories around which we organize. One of the most foundational of biblical stories tells us that we must choose between service to life and service to money. But, we now organize as a global society by a Sacred Money and Markets story that leads us to serve money, rather than life.  Our future depends on a deep economic transformation. 

    Lecture and Workshop on Racial Justice 

    A Racial Justice Lecture, “Showing What We Tell: Building Cross-Racial Relationships,” will take place Thursday, May 21, 6:30 p.m. in Pigott Auditorium. A Racial Justice Workshop will be held on Friday, May 22 from 1 – 5 p.m. in Student Center 130. The lecture and workshop feature Darlene Flynn, a community activist who has over 10 years experience providing racial equity training to build capacity for creating racial justice in Seattle, and Robin DiAngelo, an Associate Professor of Multicultural Education at Westfield State University in Massachusetts whose research is concerned with the challenges of an increasingly white teaching force and an increasingly diverse student population. Through lecture, discussion and exercises, they will explore a framework for understanding racism; how racism has adapted over time; what makes modern forms of racism so hard for many to see; normalized white racial patterns; and the perspectives and skills needed for challenging new racism. Both events are free to SU faculty, staff and students. Register at:

    For Your Benefit


    College Workshop Schedule Set 

    Consultant Yarrow Durbin will conduct three workshops with faculty and staff this spring. Please put these on your calendars:

    • Tuesday, April 28 from 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. in Loyola 203
    • Wednesday, May 6 from 1 – 4 p.m., Location TBA
    • Friday, May 15 from 1 – 4 p.m., Location TBA        


    Summer Justice Seminar for Faculty  

    All faculty are invited to attend the Summer Justice Seminar for faculty in 2015.  Over 120 faculty members have attended this inter-active seminar in the past 14 years in order to learn more about the Jesuit tradition of social justice issues and how to teach them in the classroom. The seminar takes place from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. on June 17, 18, 19, 25, 26, and July 1 and 2, 2015. Stipends of $1000 will be given to faculty who participate in the seminar. Please send an e-mail by April 30 to David Leigh, SJ, English Department, or Catherine Punsalan, Theology Department, showing your interest in joining this seminar.

     Call for Nominations 

     Spirit of Community Awards

    The Center for Service and Community Engagement is accepting nominations for the Spirit of Community Awards in the following categories:

    • Innovative projects that respond to local, community-identified needs Undergraduate and graduate students who serve with thoughtful leadership, dedication, integrity, humility, compassion and soul 
    • Staff members who demonstrate exceptional commitment to developing, coordinating or sustaining projects that make a positive difference in the community 
    • Faculty members who exemplify excellent use of academic service-learning or other modes of community-engaged teaching and scholarship 
    • Community partners who excel in all aspects of service-learning partnership

     Please follow this link to the nomination forms. Nominations for all awards are due by midnight on Sunday, April 19.

    Exemplary Staff Awards

    Nominations for two Exemplary Staff Awards are now being accepted and all members of the university community are invited to submit nominations. The Excellence in Leadership Staff Award and Lee Thurber Outstanding Staff Award provide the opportunity to formally recognize employees who are exemplary in their work and in their support of Seattle University’s mission, vision and values. 

    Both awards are intended recognize employees who: 

    • Demonstrate a high degree of commitment to the university, its mission and values. 
    • Are outstanding performers in their work, show leadership and inspire others to excel. 
    • Treat others with respect, dignity and recognize the unique importance of all persons. 

    Nominations are due by Friday, April 17.  The nomination form  can be emailed to or sent to Human Resources, RINA via interoffice mail. 

    CDLI Launches May 1   

    Center for Digital Learning and Innovation (CDL will begin operations on May 1, supporting Seattle University faculty in their efforts to adopt digital learning technologies and implement innovative pedagogies in their programs and courses. The unit will be created and staffed by merging Continuing, Online, and Professional Education’s (COPE) instructional design staff with the Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) instructional technologies staff. The new unit will be located in PAVL 050 and led by Dr. Rick Fehrenbacher.

    The center will expand instructional technology support to all Seattle University faculty members in the following ways:

    • Assist in the exploration, selection, and thoughtful use of emerging digital learning technologies 
    • Implement, manage and support instructional technologies and train faculty in their innovative and effective use 
    • Serve as a hub of collaborative engagement, where faculty from across campus can explore, experiment, and share their ideas 
    • Offer training to integrate instructional technologies into face-to-face classes 

    Though the unit will begin operations on May 1, initially it will support only those services currently available through COPE and Canvas support. Over the summer, the unit will transition into its new role. During this phase, CDLI staff will meet with stakeholders to determine faculty and university instructional technology needs, discuss the establishment of effective and sustainable governance policies for instructional technologies, and create a catalog of courses, services, and supported technologies to offer beginning in fall quarter 2016.

    Disabilities Services Employer Forum 

    Join Disabilities Services and Career Services for a discussion on disabilities in the workplace with hiring managers from Nordstrom, Goodwill, Disabled Veterans of the U.S. Army and the Northwest ADA Center on Monday, April 13, from 6 – 8 p.m. in Casey Commons (Casey 500). The employers will discuss how their companies work with individuals with varying ability levels as well as share their ideas around inclusion in the workplace. This free event is open to the campus community. Light refreshments will be served. RSVP to if you plan to attend. 


    • Academic Service-Learning Fellow applications are due to Jeffrey Anderson, Loyola 402, by Friday, April 24. 

    Journal of Education and Human Development  

    A peer-reviewed international journal, the Journal of Education and Human Development strives to strengthen connections between research and practice, so enhancing professional development and improving practice within the field of education and human development. Submissions for the next issue are due by April 30.  

    WERA/OSPI Annual Conference 

    Breakout session proposals  for the WERA/OSPI Annual Conference, “Learning, Leading, Linking: Promoting Growth for All,” are due June 1. The conference will be held December 9-11, 2015 at the Hilton Seattle Airport Conference Center. The proposals for breakout sessions include a title and a brief (less than 100 word) abstract. WERA brings together educational leaders, teachers and researchers from across the Northwest to explore practical applications of new research and evaluation studies.

    Registering a Vehicle 

    Please remember that all vehicles parking on campus must be registered with Public Safety & Transportation. You can register your vehicle by visiting the Permit Store.You will need your SU ID, SU Email and vehicle information (license, make, model, year).

     12 Months of Giving  

    This month the College of Education is focusing attention on Sound Mental Health, which is hosting its annual gala, Mental Health Matters, on May 14. This year's event, "Celebrating Healthy Families," takes place from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Meydenbauer Center in downtown Bellevue. To reserve your seat for this event, register here

    Take Note

    Congratulations to Charisse Cowan-Pitre, who will be starting the FY16 academic year as a full Professor! Charisse found a great way to celebrate – she and her family traveled to Washington, D.C. recently to attend the White House Egg Roll (by invitation only).

    Also a shout out to Margit McGuire, who was named the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus for Yakima Valley Community College. The annual award goes to an alumnus who distinguishes themselves in their community and serves as an inspiration to others.

    And the congratulations continue – hooray for Kristi Lee, whose article for The Professional Counselor (TPC) was selected for the 2014 TPC Outstanding Scholar Award in the conceptual/theoretical category. “Animating Research with Counseling Values: A Training Model to Address the Research-to-Practice Gap,” written by you, John A. Dewell and Courtney M. Holmes, stood out,” the editors wrote. “Many readers have been impacted by your work and will continue to be impacted for years to come.”

    Pamela Taylor recently received the good news that she will be attending a CIEE professional development seminar in Brazil this summer. The seminar on Community Development and Social Justice takes place in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

    Publications, Papers, Presentations and Projects

    Yamamura, E.K. (2015, March). Partnerships to Advance Educational Equity: Promising Practices from the SUYI. Research presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American College Personnel Association, Tampa, FL.

    Bates, K., Berkas, K., Fischer, O., Sabric, R., & Yamamura, E.K. (2015). International Transfer Student Learning Communities. Division of Student Development, Seattle University. Division of Student Development, Seattle University.

    Betron, R., Heynen, K., Stoeckle, J., Ziemba, I., & Yamamura, E.K. (2015). Academic Advising and Course Integration and Collaboration in Learning Communities Division of Student Development, Seattle University.

    Bravo, H., Goss, E., Lopez, E., Tolentino, P., & Yamamura, E.K. (2015). Domestic Transfer Student Learning Communities. Division of Student Development, Seattle University.

    Espinoza-Gonzalez, D., Hittmeier, L., Zobel, K., & Yamamura, E.K. (2015). Religious and Spiritual Identity Development in Learning Communities. Division of Student Development, Seattle University.

    Lyons, M., Lopez, M., Raouf, Y., Sin, A., & Yamamura, E.K. (2015). Learning Communities Beyond the First Year. Division of Student Development, Seattle University.


    April 24 

    • Academic Service-Learning Fellowship applications due to Jeffrey Anderson, Loyola 402. 

     April 27 

    • Summer Adjunct Hiring Forms due to Vida Drew. 

    Meetings, Events and Holidays

     April 10 
    • Random Act of Kindness Breakfast: 8 a.m., Loyola Kitchen area 
    • Faculty Meeting 9-noon 
     April 14
    • Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon 
     April 16 
    • Seattle University Mission Day 
    • Educational Mission and Global Engagement: The Nicaragua Initiative: Connolly North Court: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m., Connolly Court North 
    • Racial Justice Film and Discussion – American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Bogs: 6:30 p.m., Bannan Auditorium (Room 102) 
    April 17
    • Parents’ Caravan 43, a panel of Parents, Students, & Advocates of
    • Killed and Missing Ayotzinapa College Students: 10 a.m. – noon, Sullivan 105 
    April 18
    • 30th Annual Alumni Awards 
    April 19
    • Chi Sigma Iota Induction ceremony: 4 – 5:30 p.m., Casey Commons 
    April 20
    • Graduate Admissions Open House: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Student Center 
    April 23
    • Washington Educator Career Fair: Tacoma Dome, sponsored by  
    • WA School Personnel Association 
    April 25
    • Quarterly AEDT Networking Happy Hour: 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., Casey Atrium 
    April 28
    • College Workshop with Yarrow Durbin: 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., Loyola 203 
    May 6
    • College Workshop with Yarrow Durbin: 1 – 4 p.m., Location TBA 
    May 8
    • College of Education Open House: 6 – 7:30 p.m., Loyola 301/302 
    May 14
    • Spirit of Community Celebration: 4 p.m., Campion Ballroom. 
    May 15
    • College Workshop with Yarrow Durbin: 1 – 4 p.m., Location TBA 
    May 21
    • Showing What We Tell: Building Cross-Racial Relationships: 6:30 p.m., Pigott Auditorium 
    May 22
    • Racial Justice Workshop: 1 – 5  p.m., Student Center 130 
    June 10
    • COE End-of-the-Year Celebration: 4-6 p.m., Boeing Room (Room 122), Lemieux Library 
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