Climate Assessment Ambassadors

The following individuals are familiar with the campus climate assessment and can answer questions, direct you to resources, and deliver presentations by request about the assessment.

 Name    School/Division/Unit   Email (  Phone
 Lori Bannai  School of Law  bannail  206.398.4009
 Erin Beary Andersen  Mission & Ministry  bearye  206.296.6053
 Kelly Benkert  Center for Service and Community Engagement  benkertk  206.296.2327
 Sharon Callahan  School of Theology and Ministry  scal  206.296.5336
 Joe Cater  Finance and Business Affairs  caterj  206.220.8283
 Monica Chan  Undergraduate Student  chanm6  
 Serena Cosgrove  Matteo Ricci College  cosgrovs  206.296.2836
 Leandra Ebreo  Law Student  ebreol  
 Shawn Farrell  Athletics  farrells  206.296.2346
 Holly Ferraro  Albers School of Business and Economics  ferraroh  206.296.5719
 Izzy Gardon  Undergraduate Student  gardoni  
 David Green  Academic Affairs  greend  206.296.5386
 Ryan Greene  Student Development  greener  206.296.6260
 Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs    College of Arts and Sciences  gutierg  206.296.6353
 Jennifer Heckler  Academic Affairs  heckler  206.296.6453
 Bobby Helton  Graduate Student  heltonb  
 Jean Jacoby  College of Science and Engineering  jacoby  206.296.5526
 Angie Jenkins  Student Academic Services  ajenkins  206.296.5863
 Josh Krawczyk  Enrollment Services  krawczykj  206.220.8267
 Lindsay Leeder  College of Nursing  leeder  206.296.6951
 Bernie Liang  Student Development  liangb  206.296.6038
 Keisa Liu  University Advancement  liuke  206.296.6120
 Tamara Long  Enrollment Services  longt  206.296.5809
 Natasha Martin  School of Law  nmartin  206.398.4039
 Monica Nixon  Student Development  mnixon  206.296.6066
 Jodi O’Brien  College of Arts and Sciences  jobrien  206.296.5384
 Kiana Parker  Student Academic Services  parkerki  206.296.1897
 Meech Pelletier  Human Resources and University Services  pelletim  206.296.5615
 Katie Powers  University Advancement  powersk  206.296.6127
 Joelle Pretty  Student Academic Services  pretty  206.220.8525
 Frank Shih  College of Science and Engineering  fshih  206.296.5689
 Alvin Sturdivant  Student Development  sturdial  206.296.6066
 Eric Sype  Undergraduate Student  sypee  
 Mike Thee  Marketing and Communications  theem  206.296.6135
 Kara Wittmer  Facilities Services  wittmerk  206.398.4453
 Kathy Ybarra  President’s Office  ybarrak  206.296.2810