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Students eating lunch in the Cherry St. Cafe with three murals of Chief Seattle, Princess Angeline, Billy Frank Jr., and Vi Hilbert

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offered a message  in 2022 of affirmation and hope to honor and celebrate our Native American and Alaska Native communities:

As we begin Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month today, Seattle University affirms and recognizes the deep ancestry, rich culture, and sacred traditions of Indigenous People. Year-round, and during this national observation during November, Seattle University celebrates the immense contributions of Native people and their origin story in the complex history of our region and country. Seattle University also recognizes and reflects on the oppression and systemic challenges that have been placed on Indigenous communities throughout our nation’s history and still present today. Read more

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Seattle University Land Acknowledgement 

Language borrowed from the 'Creating Beloved Community Facilitation Guide' written by the Office of Multicultural Affairs:

Please treat this acknowledgement with the honor and respect it is due, by reading slowly and reverently, rather than treating it as a perfunctory task to whip through. Refrain from saying things like, “now that we’ve got this out of the way...” 

"Before we continue, we want to pause to acknowledge the lands in which we are gathered by reading the land acknowledgment created by our Native American Law Student Association.  

The following statement is offered as a way for our community to recognize this land and our history; to honor the people past and present who belong to this place; to create a common and consistent language for our events and ceremonies; and to have language that was crafted with care and wisdom. 

'As we begin our gathering, I/we respectfully acknowledge that our event today is taking place on the homelands of the Coast Salish peoples, who continue to steward these lands and waters as they have since time immemorial.  We recognize tribal nations and organizations who actively create, shape, and contribute to our thriving community at Seattle University and beyond. 

We, as an academic community, should be and are committed to doing our part to engage with and amplify the voices of Native peoples and tribes.  We acknowledge our collective responsibility to advance proper education of Native peoples and tribes and call for further learning and action to support the Native people of this land.'" 

 Want to take your understanding and use of land acknowledgements further?

Swinomish mother and adult daughter walking on the Reservation in La Conner

Citing Indigenous Sources

Eduardo Peñalver at the Presidential Inauguration


Fr. Pat Twohy & Dr. Christina Roberts, Director of IPI hugging on stage

Faculty Features 

Nicole Hardie speaking at IPI Gala

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