Season 1 (2018-2019): Women’s Voices at the Intersection

Red Talks Promo – Season 1 Women’s Voices at the Intersection (2018-19)

2018-19 Red Talks

Women's Voices at the Intersection

Red Talks is a quarterly speaker series featuring intersectional voices on a range of topics under the umbrella of inclusive excellence at Seattle University. Led by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion in partnership with the Office of the Provost, the series aims to elevate faculty voices at SU across disciplines to advance discourse on issues that bear on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Who Makes the Rules? Often, They Are #SoWhiteMale. What Does That Mean & Why Should We Care? (Fall 2018)
With Professor Brooke Coleman, J.D

Red Talks Promo - Professor Brooke Coleman, J.D. (Fall 2018)

Red Talks Promo - Professor Holly Ferraro, Ph.D. (Winter 2019)

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Safety: What It Means Depends On Who You Are (Winter 2019)
With Holly Slay Ferraro, PhD

Red Talks Promo - Professor Rosa Joshi, MFA (Winter 2019)

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Everybody's Shakespeare: Making Inclusive Spaces in Classical Theatre (Spring 2019)
With Rosa Joshi, MFA

Red Talks Promo – Student Edition (2019)

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Spring 2019 Student Edition

Four graduating students offer “express” Red Talks based on a classroom or community based project, reflection on a contemporary issue that they care about connecting it to their Jesuit education or sharing a piece of their unique narrative. 

  • Searching for Belonging: Navigating Life as an 'American Born Confused Desi' | Shayan Chishti
  • Culturally Responsive and Anti-Racist Education | Anab Nur
  • Seeking and Identifying Your Narrative | Alexis Taylor
  • The Structure of Diversity: Why the Institutional Structure of the Role of the Chief Diversity Officer Matters | Samantha Drennon

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