Red Talks

El Ratón Vaquero | The Cowboy Rat:
Pachucos to the School of the Americas and Back
with Francisco Guerrero, MFA

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
12:30pm-1:30pm | Pigott Auditorium

A clash of cultures has permeated the fabric of California since before 1769, with the founding of La Misión San Diego de Alcala. In this talk, Professor Guerrero will introduce the violent confluence of US Government Issue and the ChicanX aesthetics during World War II through to the blossoming of “street culture” at the end of the 20th Century, that has permeated our Smartphone realities. This timeline will serve to define Guerrero’s own choices in his art practice and offer a glimpse into his creative process. An exploration that may bring an understanding to our current culture, that has bricolage as a starting point and where authenticity is hard to make.

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About Francisco Guerrero, MFA

Francisco Guerrero

Francisco Guerrero is originally from Southern California, receiving a BFA from the University of Southern California’s Roski School of Art and an MFA from, conceptual art locus, University of California at San Diego. 

Francisco is primarily a painter whose work spans over 20 years and traverses working in portraiture to mapping, human desire to military proliferation, all as seen through the lens of American popular culture. Francisco was principal for public works mural project from 1997 – 2000, painting murals at Los Angeles City School. In 2011 he participated in Domestic Disturbance a group show for Nye+Brown Gallery in Los Angeles. In 2013 he was included in the Frye Museum’s Chamber Music exhibition in Seattle. In 2018 Francisco presented Loaves and Fishes at Gallery 4Culture here in Seattle, a collection of survivalist and prepper sculptures inspired by studio of Constantin Brâncuși, the Romanian Modernist. 

As an Associate Professor at Seattle University for the past 16 years, Francisco teaches all levels of painting and drawing. He as founding director of the Seattle University Visual Artist in Residence now in its 10th year. He has previously taught at Cornell University and East Los Angeles Community College.

Francisco’s current work is an investigation into the cultural aesthetics of the various communities found in Southern California and the expressions of prospecting for power that are engaged.

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