Inclusive Excellence in Faculty Scholarship

Listening and Learning to Grow

Notable Works by Faculty Members in Our Community Amplifying Uncommon Narratives: 


Hate Speech Black background with an orange shaped meteor on the bottom Left

Associate Professor Caitlin Carlson published Hate Speech (MIT Press Essential Knowledge series 2021) which examines hate speech: what it is and is not; its history; and efforts to address it.

A Guide to Civil Procedure: Integrating Critical Legal Perspectives, NYU Press (2022): Professor of Law Brooke Coleman co-edited text shines light on a central pressure point in the struggle to eradicate structural inequality and oppression through the courts.  Featuring scholars of diverse backgrounds, the compilation illustrates how law school curriculums often ignore issues such as race, gender, disability, class, immigration status, and sexual orientation, and offers tools to break that cycle.  

Book Title: Surviving the Americas Garifuna Persistence from Nicaragua to New York City

In Surviving the Americas: Garifuna Persistence from Nicaragua to New York City (University of Cincinnati Press 2021), Associate Professor Serena Cosgrove along with her co-authors reflect the rich heritage, culture, and traditions of the Garifuna, Central American, Afro-Indigenous people descended from shipwrecked West Africans and local Indigenous groups on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

image of the Catherin of Aragon in Victorian era gown

Catherine of Aragon: Infanta of Spain, Queen of England, Penn State University Press (2021) Professor Theresa Earenfight’s historical exploration of the life of Catherine of Aragon through the lens of gender revealing a far more complex and intelligent person.  

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Described as the only comprehensive book on racism for human service students and professionals, Social Work Chair and Professor Hye-Kyung Kang’s co-authored text, Racism in the United States: Implications for the Helping Professions (3rd ed) (2021), discusses how racism can be dealt with in clinical, communal and organizational contexts. 

Professor Sonora Jha, How to Raise a Feminist Son: A Memoir and Manifesto, 2021. Professor Jha discussed her book at Town Hall in conversation with Ijeoma Oluo, bestselling author of So You Want to Talk about Race? (SU Common Text, 2019). 

Routledge Global History of Feminism with image of Black woman covered in hand drawn flowers

Associate Professor Nova Robinson explores the complex history of feminism across the globe and the ongoing struggles for gender justice in the co-edited volume Routledge Global History of Feminism (2022).