About the Team

Photo of Brooke Coleman

Brooke Coleman

Special Assistant to the Vice President

In our continued effort to develop and infuse high-impact DEI practices across our institution, Professor Brooke D. Coleman was appointed as Special Assistant to the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion in 2022. She will serve in this role through the 2022-23 academic year and co-leads the work of Reigniting Strategic Directions Goal 4 – Promoting Inclusive Excellence with Vice President Martin. 

Photo of Paige Powers

Paige Powers


Executive Coordinator

Phone: 206-296-6263

Building/Room: Admin 121-91

Paige received her bachelor’s degree and MBA from Gonzaga University. She is passionate about diversity and justice and is committed to bringing her expertise and insights to our office and the broader community. Paige brings with her a unique background in diversity and inclusion: in addition to her experience as SU’s HR Partner for DEI, she continued to grow her diversity and inclusion knowledge and skillset during her time at APCO Worldwide where she consulted clients on a variety of DEI-related matters. Outside of work, Paige also sits on the Scholarship Committee for Seattle Education Access, a local nonprofit that provides assistance and guidance to support low-income students in achieving their educational goals.

“I am elated to be coming home to Seattle U! SU has such a special place in my heart, and I am overcome with joy and enthusiasm about joining the ODI team. I look forward to reconnecting with former colleagues and meeting new ones, and to begin adding my contributions to all of the important work ahead of us.”

Photo of Dean Spade (He/Him)

Dean Spade (He/Him)

Wismer Professor for Gender & Diversity

"As the Wismer Professor I would help build additional capacity for people from across campus to collaborate with each other and mobilize more of our community to participate in learning and building for change. This is a pivotal time to strengthen interdisciplinary participatory learning and action for justice across our campus, and the Wismer Professorship enhance my ability to help build that work on our campus."