Resources for Parents and Students

Seattle University cannot promise every student will succeed, but we are committed to ensuring that students have equal access to all programs and services, and to facilitating opportunities for success. College-aged students are considered responsible adults by faculty. They are expected to assume responsibility for meeting their class requirements, deadlines, and professional communications. Students are also responsible for proactively seeking assistance from their professors and on campus resources when necessary, this may be most challenging for students who had 1:1 instruction and extensive individual learning support or attention in high school. 

When Your Child Goes to College:

It is

IT IS a major life change.


It is real grief, and everyone experiences it differently.


Don’t talk yourself out of how you feel.


This can be the beginning of an identity shift for parents.

Find Someone

Find someone who will just listen – really listen to you. 

It's Hard

It’s hard to go from being constantly “on call” to not-being called (or receiving texts).



As their energy leaves – parents find news energies and ways of balancing life – in and outside the home.



Remember, there will be a new normal (more than one probably) that has benefits for everyone in the family.



Your role as a parent is shifting from Advocate to Mentor or coach.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for “first-year life cluelessness.” There are aspects of life they are not ready for and they will make mistakes - but the university environment is a great place to take some steps towards adult mastery.


Support them, be there for them, but remember they are building the foundation of self-sufficiency, and they can (and have to) take it from here.

For Additional Assistance:

  • Call us 206-296-5740
  • Email us
  • Join us in the Zoom Disability Services Virtual Lobby (between 9am-3pm Mon-Fri)
  • Visit us at our Disability Services Office at Loyola 100 (open Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm, except holidays)