Requesting Services

How is "disability" defined?

A disability is any physical, neurological, psychological, or sensory condition that significantly interferes with learning or participation in classes and campus activities.

Examples include:

  • Physical Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)
  • Low-Vision or Blind
  • Hard of Hearing or Deaf
  • Chronic Health Conditions; Chronic Pain
  • Psychological Conditions, such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders

Registering with Disability Services

New Students

Students who are requesting accommodations for the first time are required to meet with Disability Services before beginning services. During this intake meeting, the student will discuss their goals at Seattle University, the assistance they may need in reaching them, and the creation of a personalized accommodations plan.

Students must also provide documentation from a qualified diagnostician that:

  • Establishes the nature of their disability
  • Provides evaluative data with test names and scores supporting their current need for specific accommodations
  • May list services recommended for the student.

Documentation is confidential and will not be released or discussed with the student’s permission. For more information, please see the Documentation page and Requirements for Documentation of Disabilities

If the student needs, or expects to need, an accommodation not supported by their documentation, the student should discuss options for additional evaluation with DS Staff.  

Returning Students

Students already registered with Disability Services are expected to submit an Accommodations Request Form each quarter. Accommodations must be requested in a timely manner and students should submit a request after registering for classes and no later than the first week of the term to ensure sufficient time to notify faculty. For those who qualify for alternative media, an Electronic Books Request Form must also be submitted each quarter.   

Changes can be made to a student’s existing accommodation plan. To add accommodations or inquire about future services, the student must meet with the Director of Disabilities Services. 

Some students may decide not to utilize academic adjustments each quarter they are enrolled. Registration with Disabilities Services continues throughout a student’s time at the University and accommodations plans may be reactivated at any time by submitting an Accommodations Request Form. The following are helpful hints for students unsure if they want or need to utilize academic adjustments during a particular quarter:

  • Students can talk over their previous academic experiences with Disability Services staff.
  • Staff can help students plan how to meet college expectations successfully.
  • Students should consider the types of classes they are taking to decide whether or not to request accommodations.
  • Students should consider their individual needs each quarter to decide whether or not to request accommodations.
  • Students are not required to utilize their accommodations for any class even if they have formally requested, and a letter has been sent to faculty, for the quarter.

Temporary Disability

Students seeking accommodation for a temporary disability should contact Disability Services at (206) 296-5740, at, or in person at Loyola 100.