Including Students with Disabilities


Planning and/or Procedures Development

Plan activities and procedures with the needs of students with disabilities in mind. This prior planning will help avoid creating barriers which later require complex adjustments. Valuing the richness of experience that students from differing perspectives bring, results in programs and policies that serve all students more effectively.

Off-Campus Activities/Programs

Students with disabilities must have an equal opportunity to participate in student activities that take place off-campus, to the extent possible given the "essential nature" of the event or program. When planning for off-campus experiences, it is important to consider the accessibility of programs, facilities and sites and to give adequate notice to participants. If transportation is provided for all participants, then it must be accessible for students with disabilities.

For more information refer to Checklist for Planning Field Trips and Retreats.

Internships and Field Experiences

Students may need accommodations when fulfilling the requirements of an internship, just as they need them in classrooms and in the workforce. Students in their first work experience in a new setting may not realize that they will need accommodations or know which accommodations to request. When students begin planning for internships, it is important that they consider the effects of their disabilities on the work they choose and investigate accommodations that can help. Disabilities Services can help students research possibilities and support their decision-making.

Program Requirements

Eligibility requirements for all programs and activities must be based on specific abilities needed to complete the program successfully.