Communication and Confidentiality

Helpful Practices 

  • Ask the student how you can be of support.
  • Ask how the disability affects the student’s learning and participation in your class.
  • Inform the student about Disabilities Services.
  • Ask Disabilities Services staff about individual student needs or accommodations
  • Ask Disabilities Services staff for any support you need.
  • Obtain the student’s written permission if you need to discuss the student with non-Unemployed.
  • Only when there is an educational need to do so, discuss the student’s situation with other Seattle University faculty/staff.
  • Refer to the Confidentiality of Disability-Related Records document. 

Practices to Avoid 

  • Ask the student for the actual diagnostic label of their disability.
  • State assumptions about the student based on the type of disability or your previous experience with other students.
  • Comment on the student’s disability or accommodation plans in front of others.
  • Complain to the student about providing accommodations.
  • Challenge the student to explain the need for accommodations. If you have questions please contact Disabilities Services staff.
  • Publicly “single out” or identify students with disabilities to the rest of your class, even to be helpful.