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Jameson Natwick, PhD

Assistant Clinical Professor


Dr. Jameson Natwick CV (PDF)


Teaching & Supervision Philosophy

Hello, I am Dr. Jameson Natwick. Throughout my career have pursued training, education, and mentorship to development my teaching and supervision style and skills. My teaching in the classroom is rooted in empirical research and clinical application, being able to show how to integrate research into practice and practice into research. I incorporate multiple learning approaches into my lectures. In supervision, my goal is to provide a supportive environment that provides a foundation for therapist to grow in their clinical skills and knowledge. In both supervision and teaching I utilize an experiential model to help students become more confident in their skills and knowledge of systemic therapy.

Research & Clinical Interests

  1. Self-identity resilience and adaptation after trauma
  2. Object Relations/Symbolic Experiential Theories
  3. Intersection of psychotherapy, spirituality, and meaning-making.


  1. Hiking, skiing, exploring the beautiful mountains of the Northwest. I love cooking, trying new foods, and exploring restaurants.