Dean of Students

Disciplinary Records Requests

  • To request copies of your student disciplinary records, please fill out this form. Then submit your form along with the supplemental information listed below to the Office of the Dean of Students by email, phone (206) 296-6060, or fax your forms to 206.296.6063.

    Remember to include the following information in your request

    • Name (when a student)
    • Photo of government issued I.D.
    • Student ID Number
    • Years of Attendance

    If you have a conduct form from an institution that needs to be completed by the Dean of Students and mailed back, please mail the form and an stamped, addressed envelope to:

    Office of the Dean of Students
    Attn: Hillary Sage, PAVL 180
    Seattle University
    901 12th Ave, PO Box 222000
    Seattle, WA 98122-1090

    Please allow 4-6 business days for processing. Including an email will ensure you are contacted when the form is mailed/faxed.