COVID-19 Disease Prevention Policies

COVID-19 Disease Prevention Policies

It is important that we all take seriously the ongoing risk and threat of COVID-19. We must do our part as a university community to help effectively manage and contain its spread by closely adhering to public health guidelines, especially physical distancing, the wearing of face coverings, and staying home if sick or symptomatic.

Caring for one another, attending to the unique needs and risks of individual members of our campus community, and reducing the disparate impacts the virus has on underserved and historically marginalized communities is a shared responsibility that goes to the heart of Seattle University values. We have created, adopted, and communicated policies, based on public health guidance, for the Seattle University community. For up-to-date guidance, contact Public Safety at 206-296-5990 or visit

Generally under the Redhawks Care policy (Section 1.3 of the Code of Student Conduct), charges will not be brought against a student based solely on information they provide when:

  • Seeking medical care for themself or other(s), including seeking aid for an individual experiencing an alcohol or other drug-related emergency by contacting emergency services;
  • Reporting symptoms, cooperating with contact tracing, and/or following self-isolation or quarantine recommendations.

Students will be required to comply with follow-up, including, but not limited to: educational requirements, meetings with University officials, guidance by medical or public health officials, and quarantine and self-isolation.

The Office of the Dean of Students, however, may still refer students to the Office of Student Conduct and Integrity Formation for alleged violations of policies if those behaviors are reported to the University through other means.