Code Review Committee

The purpose of the Code of Student Conduct Review Committee is to advise the Vice President for Student Development by reviewing the Code of Student Conduct and making recommendations to align it with best practices. The Committee completed a comprehensive review of the Code of Student Conduct during the 2017-18 academic year.

Committee Chair: David Lance, J.D., Associate University Counsel

Student Members:
Evelyn Chow, Undergraduate Student
Ray Ivey, School of Law
Alyssa Garcia, School of Law
Allison Gibbons, Undergraduate Student & SGSU VP of University Affairs
Rick Reyes, Undergraduate Student
Mellanie Tanada, Graduate Student
Braden Wild, Undergraduate Student

Ryan Hamachek, M.A., Director, Wellness & Health Promotion
Andrea Katahira, J.D., Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity, Title IX Coordinator, Chief EEO Officer, ADA/504 Coordinator
Armina Khwaja, Interim Director of Student Conduct & Integrity Formation
Allison Lau, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Counseling & Student Judicial Affairs at Highline Community College & Adjunct Instructor, College of Education
Charles Lawrence, Ph.D., Associate Provost
Colette Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Leadership & Professional Studies
James Willette, Ph.D., Dean of Students