Alcohol and Drug Policies

Seattle University takes seriously its commitment to provide a drug- and alcohol-free community. The manufacture, sale, possession, distribution, dispensing, consumption, or use of either alcohol or drugs is subject to Washington State and Federal laws as well as regulations established by university administration. Policies governing student use and possession of alcohol are detailed in the Code of Student Conduct

In response to the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and amendments to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, Seattle University has developed the Substance Abuse Policies and Prevention Program brochure that revised and published annually for students, faculty, and staff.

There is also an Alcohol Policy, which is a part of Seattle University's Event Policy, specifically outlining how alcohol may be dispensed at an event on campus. Students are responsible for conducting themselves as responsible members of the academic community in accordance with the policies listed above.

Violations of state or federal law or of any university policy or regulation may result in disciplinary sanctions described under the Code of Student Conduct.

Copies of any of the policies mentioned are available in the Office of the Vice President for Student Development, the Event Support Services office, Human Resources, and the Counseling and Psychological Services department.