Who's Who in the Process?

Integrity Formation: Summary of Roles


The person who reported that a student or organization allegedly violated the Code of Student Conduct.  Cases initiated by a University administrator or Public Safety do not always involve a Complainant.


The student and/or organization who allegedly violated the Code of Student Conduct.  There may be multiple Respondents involved in a single incident.  

Conduct Administrator (CA)

CAs meet with students to discuss alleged violations of the Code, issue decisions of responsibility, and issue sanctions when necessary. Many CAs work in Housing & Residence Life as Area Coordinators & Assistant Area Coordinators. 

Conduct Review Board (CRB)

A trained panel of faculty and staff that hears cases involving severe and/or repeated allegations of Code of Student Conduct violations. 

Organizations Review Board (ORB)

A trained panel of faculty and staff that resolves alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct by clubs/organizations. 


Individuals who have personal knowledge about an incident. A person who is only a character witness is not permitted to participate.*


A Seattle University community member who provides moral support to the Respondent. The Respondent is allowed one Advisor at a hearing. Advisors may not actively participate in the hearing and may not function as legal counsel.*


*Important Note about Witnesses & Advisors

Respondents must notify their Conduct Administrator in writing at least 24 hours before a scheduled hearing if presenting Witnesses and/or a Advisor. If the respondent is unable to provide and would like an advisor, Redhawk Mentors can be utilized upon request. Please review the Code of Student Conduct for more information.  In cases involving sexual misconduct, the Complainant is also allowed a Advisor (See Section 4.6 of the Code of Student Conduct).