Who's Who in the Process?

Integrity Formation: Summary of Roles


The person who reported that a student or organization allegedly violated the Code of Student Conduct.  Cases initiated by a University administrator or Public Safety do not always involve a Complainant.


The student and/or organization who allegedly violated the Code of Student Conduct.  There may be multiple Respondents involved in a single incident.  

Conduct Administrator (CA)

CAs meet with students to discuss alleged violations of the Code, issue decisions of responsibility, and issue sanctions when necessary. Many CAs work in Housing & Residence Life as Area Coordinators & Assistant Area Coordinators. 

Conduct Review Board (CRB)

A trained panel of faculty and staff that hears cases involving severe and/or repeated allegations of Code of Student Conduct violations. 

Organizations Review Board (ORB)

A trained panel of faculty and staff that resolves alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct by clubs/organizations. 


Individuals who have personal knowledge about an incident. A person who is only a character witness is not permitted to participate.*


A Seattle University community member who provides moral support to the Respondent. The Respondent is allowed one Supporter at a hearing. Supporters may not actively participate in the hearing and may not function as legal counsel.*


*Important Note about Witnesses & Supporters

Respondents must notify their Conduct Administrator in writing at least 24 hours before a scheduled hearing if presenting Witnesses and/or a Supporter. Please review the Code of Student Conduct for more information.  In cases involving sexual misconduct, the Complainant is also allowed a Supporter (See Section 4.6 of the Code of Student Conduct).