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Childcare Resources

  • About Child Care Resources (CCR)

    Child Care Resources was established in 1990 as Child and Family Resource and Referral located in the Central Area and in 2006 was recognized as Outstanding Program of 2006 by the Seattle Human Services Coalition. CCR provides search services for families seeking childcare, as well as training and resources for family members providing childcare in their homes. CCR operates on the values of:

    • Passion for Children
    • Respect for Diversity
    • Excellence & Accountability
    • Responsiveness
    • Innovation & Collaboration
    • Leadership
    • Work/ Life Balance
    • Engaged & Talented Staff

    We encourage you to visit the Child Care Resources website to learn more about the services offered and the mission of CCR:

    Call Child Care Resources today and identify yourself as a Seattle University Family: 1.800.782.4589

    About this Service

    Childcare Resources (CCR) provides several options so your family can find the best solution to fit your particular needs. The CCR database includes licensed child care centers, family child care programs, license-exempt preschools and school age programs.

    Families may explore:

    • Licensed family home providers
    • Licensed child care centers
    • Nannies
    • Family, Friend or Neighbor care
    • Or a combination of the above

    Your benefit includes:

    • Access to professional referral counselors through one convenient telephone number, 1-800-782-4589 available Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm, with 24 hour voicemail.
    • Profiles on each of the child care programs referred to your family.
    • Calls to child care programs to check for openings.
    • Customized information and resources to assist the family, including a Nanny Care packet designed to help you secure quality nanny service.
    • Internet access for those employees calling for searches who would also like to search the CCR online child care database. Call 1.800.782.4589 to receive a password for the database.