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Service Days

Organize a Day of Service

  •  Countdown to Service: A calendar to help get you organized and stay on track

    Can the CSCE help me organize a day of service?

    • Yes, we encourage you to organize a day of service and will support your efforts as consultants, not coordinators.  We can help you connect with organizations in your area of interest and other resources to support you in the planning of your day of service.  Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to be able to assist you with coordinating the logistics of the event, whether this means contacting your organization of choice or renting vans…it's up to you to make your day work!
    • Prioritize the needs and schedule of the organization you would like to work with: It's great that you want to help out in the community, but if you come in with a preconceived idea of what, when, and how the day will go, you are limiting yourself considerably and putting a burden on already short-staffed agencies.  Be flexible; listen and be open to hearing what an organization really needs.

    What makes a day of service successful?

    • Many non-profits are closed on the weekends, so try your best to accommodate the schedule so that staff do not have to come in during times they would not normally be there.
    • Be realistic about what you can do in a day.  A day of service is an opportunity to come together and build relationships as a team, which are the bedrock of the work we do.  With that said, Rome cannot be built (or torn down) in a day, and it is important that you manage the expectations of your volunteers about what their contributions mean.
    • Be adaptable, be flexible, above all be OF SERVICE. 
    • Rethink size-recruit early and often, but don't overreach the scale of your event.  Great service days are often done with 15-30 people, and we would encourage you to stick with a range of attendees that feels manageable to both your party and the bouncer.

    Once you have an outline of your day of service, feel free to contact the CSCE and we will be happy to brainstorm and help you connect to our community partners.  From there, the responsibility is in your hands as far as communicating with the organization and coordinating the logistics of the service day!