The Return to In-Person Learning: What to Know on Testing, Masks, Boosters

January 27, 2022

As we prepare to return to in-person learning on Jan. 31, please note the following reminders and information.

Student Entry Testing – Due Feb. 4 (Required) 

All vaccinated and unvaccinated undergraduate, graduate, and law students who will be physically on-campus for classes or other university activities during Winter Quarter 2022 (Spring Semester 2022 for law students) are required to complete one (1) COVID-19 screening test. Read more.

Symptoms, Exposure, Positive Test? 

What if I have symptoms or tested positive for COVID or come in contact with someone who’s positive? Visit Public Health Guidance and Requirements, which includes useful charts to help you navigate the process. 

Face Coverings 

Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to wear high-quality, well-fitting face coverings. The university is making a limited supply of masks available to faculty, staff and student workers who need them (if purchasing your own, here is a good resource). The university will distribute masks based on the following guidance: 

  • Work-related use/academic settings requiring close contact: KN95 masks will be supplied subject to availability. ASTM 3 masks do comply with CDC requirements for masks and will be supplied in the event KN95 masks are not available.  Faculty, staff and student workers should continue to order masks through their designated contact. (See Appendix A). The university is pre-positioning a supply of KN95 masks with the designated contacts to be available for distribution on Monday, Jan. 31.
  • Personal/non-work-related use:  ASTM 3 masks will be supplied subject to availability. ASTM 1 (blue surgical) masks may be supplied in lieu of ASTM 3 if needed based on availability. Members of the campus community may access these masks beginning Jan. 31 at a number of campus locations, including residence halls and the Student Center. 

A few notes on the university’s current mask inventory: 

  • ASTM Level 1 disposable face covering: Ideal for procedures/locations in which there is low risk of fluid exposure (no splashes or sprays expected). 
  • ASTM Level 3 disposable face coverings: Ideal for procedures/locations in which there is high risk of fluid exposure (splashes or sprays will be produced). These masks may be supplied for work-related or personal/non-work-related use when available.
  • KN95 disposable face coverings: Priority for members of the campus community with a higher risk of exposure due to job functions or academic settings that require close contact.  

To help ensure an adequate supply for those who need them most, campus community members who are able to provide their own masks are encouraged to do so.

SU’s updated face covering policy can be found here

Get Boosted 

Students, faculty and staff are expected to be up to date on their vaccinations by getting a booster vaccination as soon as they become eligible. Boosters are highly effective against severe illness from the Omicron variant. Once you’ve received your COVID-19 booster, please be sure to register your vaccine