Temporary Extension of Vacation Benefit Carryover

May 8, 2020

Dear Staff Colleagues:

In anticipation of summer-like weather this Mother’s Day weekend, I am writing to make you aware of a temporary change to the staff vacation carryover policy intended to assist you during these unprecedented times.

This year, we will delay the deduction of excess days to September 1, 2020, so that staff are able to take paid time away during the summer months. In an ordinary year, excess vacation accrual hours cannot be carried over as of July 1 each year, but due to this extraordinary COVID-19 situation we are making this one-time extension.

(Policy refresher: The staff paid vacation benefit includes carryover to the next fiscal year of one years’ worth of vacation accrual plus five additional days. Any accrued vacation time in excess of the maximum allowed accrual is forfeited on June 30 of each year. Employees are encouraged to monitor their vacation balances and plan for time off to avoid loss of accrued vacation.)

Please be sure to closely coordinate your plans with your supervisor who has the responsibility of evaluating staffing needs for your area and must approve your time away request.
More information on the university’s vacation benefit may be found within our Employment Policies, Sections 603 – 605.

Wishing you and your families well,


Michelle Clements | Vice President, Human Resources