Surveillance Testing Suspended for Faculty and Staff, Student Testing Continues with Possibility of Scaling Back

October 29, 2021

Surveillance Testing Suspended for Faculty and Staff

Since SU’s random COVID-19 testing was implemented in early October, no faculty or staff members have tested positive as part of the program. With gratitude for these successful results, the university is pleased to announce that faculty and staff surveillance testing is suspended, effective immediately. The small number of faculty and staff with approved medical or religious exemptions will continue to test weekly.

Seattle University is continuing to follow public health guidance for testing and all aspects of our COVID Response plan. Should COVID rates rise in King County or on campus, random testing may be resumed. We are hopeful that this will not be necessary.

Again, thank you for your commitment to the safety and health of the Seattle University community!

Residential Student Surveillance Testing Continues with Possibility of Scaling Back

With a positivity rate of far less than 1 percent, our students are also to be commended for doing their part when it comes to COVID precautions and the surveillance testing program. Ten percent of vaccinated residential students will continue to be tested weekly; however if the positivity rate remains below 1 percent for two weeks, the random sampling will be decreased to 5 percent through the week leading up to Thanksgiving. As with faculty and staff, random testing of commuter students is now suspended. All students with approved medical or religious exemptions will continue to test weekly.

Thank you to our students for keeping our campus safe through their ongoing participation in the testing program!


  • Complete your daily Safe Start Health Check screening before leaving your residence hall or coming to campus.
  • Wear face coverings indoors and outdoors in crowds that number 500 or more people. (See SU’s up-to-date Face Covering Policy.)
  • Report confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases to If you are identified as a close contact of someone who tests positive, our trained and experienced Public Safety response team will make sure you are notified. SU's COVID confirmed cases dashboard is updated in real-time.
  • Get a flu shot to minimize additional burdens on our overloaded healthcare workers. Find a clinic near you.