Initial COVID Test Results Very Encouraging, Vaccination Deadline, Flu and COVID Shots

October 14, 2021

Initial COVID Test Results Very Encouraging

As a testament to our campus community’s ongoing effort to care for one another, especially our high rates of vaccination, SU’s COVID test results are showing very low positivity rates thus far. Thus far, just one (1) test out of 904, or 0.11%, has come back positive.

All unvaccinated students, faculty and staff for whom exemptions on religious or medical grounds have been approved are required to be tested every week. In addition, 10 percent of vaccinated students, faculty and staff are selected at random for testing each week.

Let’s keep up the good work by masking up, distancing and doing all we can to help ensure the health and safety of one another. And this year it’s more important than ever, so be sure to get your flu shot.

For more information, visit:

Student Testing
Faculty and Staff Testing

I Was Randomly Selected for Testing This Week. Could I Be Called Again Next Week?

Yes, this is possible, and indeed we have heard from people that it has already occurred. Because surveillance testing of vaccinated students, faculty and staff is completely random, there is a chance you could be required to test consecutive weeks. If so, please do get tested again. Thank you for doing your important part for our Seattle University community.

Vaccination Deadline Is Nearly Upon Us

We are just days away from the State of Washington’s Oct. 18 deadline by which all faculty, staff and contractors at institutions of higher education must be fully vaccinated or receive an approved exemption. After this date, those faculty, staff and contractors who remain out of compliance will not be allowed to perform work for Seattle University and could be subject to disciplinary action. Follow-up is being done on individual basis to ensure all members of the campus community have submitted their vaccination documentation. If you still need to do so, please visit Vaccination Registration to get this taken care of by Monday. Thank you!

On-campus Vaccination Clinic Coming Soon

The Walmart-run clinic will be returning to Seattle University later this month for members of the campus community to receive vaccinations for the flu as well as COVID-19. This is open to all students, faculty and staff and includes individuals currently eligible for a booster COVID vaccination. Stay tuned for more details on the clinic.

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