Health and Safety

Health and Safety

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It is important that we all take seriously the ongoing risk and threat of COVID-19. We must do our part as a university community to help effectively manage and contain its spread by closely adhering to public health guidelines, especially physical distancing, the wearing of face coverings and staying home if sick or symptomatic.

Caring for one another, attending to the unique needs and risks of individual members of our campus community and reducing the disparate impacts the virus has on underserved communities, communities of color and the marginalized is a shared responsibility that goes to the heart of our values.

Seattle University is committed to implementing robust health and safety measures. All decisions related to reopening are being made in accordance with the best science available and state directives and public health guidance on COVID-19, particularly Safe Start Washington.

Help Us Support Public Health Efforts

Students, faculty and staff are asked to please notify Seattle University Public Safety as soon as possible at or 206-296-5990 in the following situations:

  • If you remain on campus or have contact with campus members and develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 even if testing has not been done or has not come back yet;
  • You have been diagnosed, tested or suspected to have COVID-19;
  • You have been asked to self-quarantine because of close contact to a confirmed case or travel from area with a travel warning; or
  • You have been directed to self-isolate but are unable to appropriately separate yourself from your roommates.

Updated information on community members who have a confirmed case of COVID-19 can be found on our COVID-19 Confirmed Cases page.

COVID-19 Campus Safety Matrix

Download the Seattle U COVID-19 campus safety risk matrix for campus safety levels and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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