Information for Self-Quarantine

If you remain consistently asymptomatic and do not test positive for COVID-19 throughout your quarantine period, you will be eligible to return to campusafter a period of 14 days of self-quarantine. 

If you have not already been in contact with a Seattle University representative about this notification, we will be trying to contact you shortly. 
If you are feeling sick, please isolate yourself from others and emailcovid-19-report@seattleu.eduas soon as possible. Provide a description of your symptoms and the date and time of symptom onset. 
If you live on campusin a single occupancy room with a private bathroom, you are requested not to leave your room until after the date above. If you live on campus with a roommate or if you use a shared bathroom, Housing & Residence Life will provide you with alternative accommodations during quarantine. 
You are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19.Please contact theStudent Health Centeror your health care provider to discuss testing options. Testing is also available at several locations throughoutKing County. Wait at least five days after your date of exposure before getting tested. Please note that a negative test result cannot shorten the duration of your quarantine period. 
While in quarantine, monitor yourself for symptoms.If you become sick, please emailcovid-19-report@seattleu.eduwith a description of your  symptoms. If you remain consistently asymptomatic, you may discontinue quarantine and will be eligible to return to campusafter the date provided above. Once you are eligible to return, remember that you must still complete theSafe Start Health Checkprior to each visit to campus. 
We understand that quarantine is difficult, but it is an essential tool in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Thank you for helping to keep your community safe and healthy. 
For more information on self-quarantine, please visit theCDC's website. For more information about Seattle University's response to COVID-19,