Face Covering Guidance and Supply for Seattle University Community

January 12, 2022

As previously announced, Seattle University campus services and offices are open and operating. With Omicron cases spiking nationally and in our region, adhering to the university’s face covering policy is particularly important during this time. The university offers the following recommendations and information.

The Right Mask Worn the Right Way

The CDC is reviewing mask recommendations but has not yet published updated official guidance. We anticipate the CDC guidance will include choosing a well-fitting respirator mask such as a KN95, etc. (no valves) or a surgical mask such as an ASTM3 for non-clinical settings. Here is a helpful article summarizing the latest public health advice on masks. Guidance can also be found at CDC. For those using KN95s, here’s a video demonstrating the proper fit. 

Mask Supply 

  • Seattle University has a limited supply of ASTM3 and KN95 masks available to the campus community with priority given to members of the campus community who have a higher risk of exposure, such as custodial, facilities, public safety, and housing staff, as well as students and faculty who are meeting in-person for labs and other collaborative instructional settings.

  • In anticipation of the upcoming CDC guidance, the university has placed orders for additional KN95 and ASTM3 masks. We are encountering shipping delays due to supply chain issues and high demand for these masks.

  • Requests for KN95/ASTM3 masks must be made to your designated group coordinator. You can find your coordinator at COVID-19 Preparedness Supplies - Procedure. Students, faculty and staff who do not have an elevated risk of exposure are encouraged to provide their own face coverings—again, KN95s or ASTM3s, if possible—so we can ensure a sufficient supply for those who need them most. 

For a reminder of SU’s policy on masks, please visit Face Coverings. Thank you for continuing to do your part to keep yourself and those around you as healthy and safe as possible!