Extension of Paid Leave for Staff and Suspension of Pay Deductions for Parking

March 25, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

There are two pay-related decisions important to share at this time:

April 15 Extension of COVID-19 Leave Pay for Staff

The university will extend Supplemental COVID-19 Leave pay through the next pay period closing on April 15, 2020. Please complete this form to apply for COVID-19 leave pay or to extend your currently approved COVID leave. As a reminder, you will not need to exhaust your sick time to qualify for Supplemental COVID-19 leave.

Any staff member who meets the following requirements will be eligible to apply or extend their Supplemental COVID-19 Leave:

  • You are a staff member who cannot work from home:
    • Due to the nature of your work duties.
    • Because your dependent’s school or care center has closed due to COVID-19 and you are the primary caregiver.
    • Other, please share with your supervisor.
  • You are in a critical on-campus staff role and:
    • You have been diagnosed, tested or are suspected to have COVID-19.
    • You have been asked to self-quarantine or directed to self-isolate.
    • You have an underlying health condition and have been instructed not to be at work. (You do not need to share medical information with your supervisor or colleagues.)
    • Other, please share with your supervisor.

We are extending the COVID-19 leave benefit through April 15, 2020. Note that Good Friday and Easter Monday fall within this period which are observed holidays and will be paid as such. The university will be in communication with you prior to the Easter weekend for the pay period of April 16-30. We appreciate your patience.

Suspension of Pay Deductions for Parking

The university will suspend paycheck deductions for employee parking permits starting with March 31 paychecks. Many faculty and staff are working remotely and it is appropriate that we temporarily lift this charge. Permit charges will automatically resume at a later date. We’ll be sure to notify you when that happens.

Wishing you and your families well,

Michelle Clements
Vice President for Human Resources