COVID Testing for Winter Quarter, Booster Registration and Other Important Information

December 31, 2021

Dear Redhawks:  

As we prepare to welcome you back to campus in January, I write with important information about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The university is continuing to monitor the impacts of the Omicron variant and has developed several plans in response to the recent spike in cases. These plans include updated recommendations for booster shots, testing, and our isolation/quarantine procedures. This message contains important information about your responsibilities related to mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Please read this message carefully. 
Safe Start Health Check 
Please fill out the Safe Start Health Check each day you will be on campus. Completing the health check ensures that the university can provide you with instructions on what to do if you are symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19, including how long to isolate and what resources are available. Complete the health check here:  

Booster Shots Highly Recommended 
Booster shots have been shown to increase protection against the Omicron variant, including protection against serious illness, hospitalization, and death.  We highly recommend that students receive booster shots when eligible. If you receive a booster shot, please update your vaccination registration here.  

Testing Requirements – Regardless of Vaccination Status 

  • Out-of-State Students: Pre-Travel Testing (Highly Recommended)  
    If you are traveling to campus from out-of-state, we highly encourage you to get tested for COVID-19 before you travel.  If you test positive, do not travel to campus, and report your positive result to  As long as your symptoms are improving, you can come to campus after completing a 5-day isolation period. If you are travelling to Seattle by air, check with your airline about their requirements as well. 

  • All Students: Entry Testing (Required) 
    All vaccinated and unvaccinated undergraduate, graduate, and law students who will be physically on-campus for classes or other university activities during Winter Quarter 2022 (Spring Semester 2022 for law students) are required to complete one (1) COVID-19 screening test at the beginning of the term. Continue reading for information about testing deadlines and where to access testing.     

Testing: Frequently Asked Questions  

Why is Seattle University requiring entry testing for all vaccinated and unvaccinated students?  

Entry testing provides an opportunity to identify and isolate asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, which helps to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community. 

Who is required to get tested?   

All vaccinated and unvaccinated undergraduate, graduate, and law students who will be physically on-campus for classes or other university activities (e.g., using the gym or library) during Winter Quarter 2022/Law Spring Semester 2022. This includes residential and commuter students. This requirement also applies to residential students who remained on campus over Winter Break.   

What if I am fully vaccinated?  

Even if you are fully vaccinated, you are required to submit a COVID-19 test result by January 10, 2022 (January 17 for law students). This entry testing requirement applies to all students who will be physically on campus regardless of vaccination status.  

When should I get tested?  

  • If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, get tested between January 2 – January 7, 2022.    
  • If you are a law student, get tested between January 7 – January 14, 2022. 

When are my results due?  

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, upload your results no later than January 10, 2022. If you are a law student, you have until January 17, 2022 to upload your results. Upload your results to the COVID-19 Test Results Submission form. Do not email your results and do not upload them to the Student Health Portal.  

Where can I get tested?  

You can get tested with your healthcare provider or any testing site of your choice. An on-campus testing kiosk is also available at   

What tests are acceptable?  

Any PCR or antigen test is acceptable. We cannot accept results from at-home test kits.  

Where do I upload my results?  

Upload your results to the COVID-19 Test Results Submission form. Do not email your results and do not upload them to the Student Health Portal.   

Who is exempt from entry testing?  

  • Recent Positive COVID-19 Test: You are exempt from entry testing if you test positive for COVID-19 in the 90 days before January 10, 2022.  If you have not already, report your positive test to If you have already reported your positive test, no further action is required.

  • Virtual Only Students: You are exempt from entry testing if you will not be physically on-campus during Winter Quarter 2022/Law Spring Semester 2022.  Request an off-campus exemption between January 2, 2022 – January 10, 2022 here: Off-Campus Testing Exemption (select option 2 on the first page). Even if you filled out this form last quarter, you need to fill it out again to renew your exemption for Winter Quarter. 

  • Staff/Faculty: Individuals whose primary relationship with Seattle University is as a faculty or staff member are exempt from the student entry testing requirement.  If you received this message and you are primarily a staff or faculty member, please email Students with on-campus student employment positions are not exempt from this requirement. 

What is the penalty for non-compliance?  

Students who do not upload their entry test results to this form or have an approved testing exemption on file by January 10, 2022 (January 17 for law students) will receive a $250.00 non-compliance fine.

Will Seattle University offer rapid self-testing kits? 

Seattle University has purchased a limited number of rapid self-testing kits that will be available to residential students in Winter Quarter at no cost.  These kits are not yet available, but we will send a message once we receive the kits with instructions on how to access them. Please note that self-testing kits do not fulfill the entry testing requirement. 

If you have any questions about these testing requirements, please contact   


James Willette, Ph.D.  
Associate Provost & Dean of Students