Staff Time Away Options Reminder

February 22, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

While COVID cases are decreasing, we know the impact of the virus continues to be felt by many in the region and at our university. There have been concerns expressed by members of the SU community on behalf of colleagues who may have a new or continued need for time away or leave, and specifically for those who may be concerned about exhausting their sick leave.

The following is a reminder of the current resources available for colleagues that are provided by Seattle University to address this situation, as well as a refreshed sick time-sharing program aimed specifically for those in need of additional sick leave.

Faculty/staff with concerns related to time away to address health or caregiving responsibilities should reach out to Human Resources to learn about options that may be available to assist them in their situation. 

Sick/Safe Time (click for more details)

Eligible regular staff, administrator and faculty receive an annual allotment of 12 sick days on July 1 of each year. Regular staff and administrator employees employed prior to June 30, 2018 may also have accrued sick time balances that were transferred to a sick time reserve bank and remain available for use until depleted. This sick leave is intended to provide paid time off for:

  • Non-occupational illness, injury, health condition, need for medical diagnosis or treatment, or preventive medical care for the employee or the employee's family member;
  • Personal safety reasons related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking for the employee, family or household member; or
  • Closure by order of a public official of the workplace or a child's school or place of care to limit exposure to an infectious agent, biological toxin or hazardous material for the employee, family or household member.

Sick Time Sharing Program (click for more details)

The purpose of the Sick Time Sharing Program is to establish a means for staff employees to anonymously donate sick time to other staff employees in need of additional time. Staff employees with balances in their reserve sick time bank can donate a maximum of five (5) days of sick time in any twelve (12) month period and this time will only be deducted if a need arises.

Regular staff employees' accrued sick leave balances as of June 30, 2018 were transferred to a sick leave reserve bank and remain available for use until depleted.  Human Resources will separately notify those with a reserve sick bank balance of their eligibility to donate to the sharing program.

Staff employees who have exhausted their sick time and all but five (5) days’ vacation may request a donation from the sick time sharing program by contacting Human Resources to discuss their situation. An eligible staff member can receive a maximum of ten (10) days in donated sick time in any twelve (12) month period.

Family Medical Leave of Absence (click for more details)

Eligible regular staff, administrator and faculty have access to up 12 weeks of leave at 100% of pay for medical, family or bonding leave. Birth mothers may receive a combination of medical and bonding leave for a total of 16-18 weeks of leave. Duration of leave is certified by a healthcare provider, leave time can be taken concurrently or intermittently and reserve bank sick time will be deducted commensurate with leave time (staff only).

Personal Emergency Leave (click for more details)

The university, at its discretion, may permit paid time off ranging from one (1) to ten (10) working days to enable a regular, benefits-eligible staff employee to respond to a personal emergency situation for which no other leave hours (vacation or sick leave) are available. Requests for emergency leave must be submitted to the Human Resources department and may require substantiation of the nature of the emergency or the need to quarantine. Examples of emergencies that may be approved include an unexpected and severe medical episode for a parent requiring the employee’s primary care and the need to quarantine due to COVID-19.

Wellbeing Resources (click for more details)

SU provides faculty and staff with a variety of well-being opportunities and resources. We continue to offer financial one-on-one planning sessions, financial webinars and supportive caregiving resources through Cariloop. In addition, faculty/staff and their families have access to nine free, confidential counseling sessions offered through the Resources for Living Employee Assistance Program.