University Core Curriculum

Navigating the Core

  • Finding Your Advisor

    Your academic advisor is a great resource as you navigate the SU Core Curriculum and your other studies here at SU. You can locate the name and contact information of your assigned academic advisor by logging into SU Online. Here is a step-by-step guide to identifying your academic advisor in SU Online:

    • Log into SU Online  
    • Select the Student Menu
    • Select “My Profile” under the Academic Profile section
    • Your advisor’s name will be listed in the “Academic Information” area
    • You can find his/her email, phone number, and location in the Online Faculty/Staff Directory  

    Finding Your Program Evaluation


    A Program Evaluation is a computer-generated report that allows you to review your academic progress and unfulfilled degree requirements. The program evaluation is a valuable tool for educational planning and course selection because it matches the courses you have taken with the requirements of your degree program. To locate your program evaluation, follow these steps:

    • Log into SU Online
    • Select the Student Menu
    • Select “Program Evaluation” from the Academic Profile section
  • Core Solution Center

    Can't find the Core class you need?  Looking to enroll in a closed Core section?  Come to the Core Solution Center during the first week of registration on the 2nd floor of the University Services Building.  We'll next be available for Winter Quarter 2016 registration 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM on these days to assist you:

    • Wednesday, November 18
    • Thursday, November 19
    • Friday, November 20